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Postby Ryan-IKO » Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:16 pm

Exactly - in fact piles of feed back forms would arrive that were two feet high no joke!

These were all manually tabulated and thus a very time consuming process..

The online feed back is less paper, faster delivery and instant response to your overall instructor rating.

We are finding more and more ways to overcome concerns with the feed back system - one such example is students that do not have an email address can ask that the form be sent to the school (most have a computer or lap top) and they can fill it out there before receiving their card.

Students should be told the feed back does NOT go to the individual instructor personally but instead goes to a central database where it is then added to the instructor’s profile. In the future Instructors will get a monthly report so they know here to improve but again this will be anonymous so instructors will not know which student gave negative comments - making for a more constructive environment where the instructor learns what he /she needs to improve.

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