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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 4:03 pm 
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This just in from Neil:

"Good morning all,
I have been looking at every site out there and have to say that the Jupiter race is going to be on hold until next weekend. All of the forecasters are now showing the same winds, light in Jupiter, Marginal to good in Fort Lauderdale and windy in the keys. Tomorrow is only the first possible day for racing and I feel with all of yours and mine positive energy lets be patient and wait for the right winds. This is our second year and we now have a reputation to hold.

We will go into a holding pattern with the next possible start next weekend. I will try my very best to hold this race on a weekend but after our X-mas beak if we get into mid January we might have to go with the first available given day of wind. This is SE Florida's season so I do not think we will be waiting that long.

Tonight is the opening party to the race and Evolve, this will be the last time to register for the race and have all of your paperwork in. We will also be having a riders meeting at approximately 7.30 pm discusing such things as the starting sequence, check points and various strict rules. We will also be showing some of the latest kite DVD's throughout the night.

So no need for so much of an early night but there is a possible "plan B" if you check out FKSA.ORG. This will be an unofficial fun race for riders to experience the start and fine tune there equipment if the wind permits. More on that this evening.

See you there all and have a great day. Cheers Neil"

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 8:06 pm 
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Kent just put the following up as the Jupiter Race is on hold. The wind forecast for the more southerly areas is more favorable for tomorrow.

"OK. plan B is a go. We will have an unofficial riders meeting tonight at Evolve. In talking with Neil, he as agreed to give us a start at 12 from Tiki Beach.

I will have my boat at the unoffical finish line at Matheson. Riders will finish just to leeward of the boat. please give your name to the finish person and they will note your time. i will discuss details tonight.

The forecast looks good for 12 to 14 meter kites. start thinking about your buddy, this is important. refer to earlier in the post for specifics.

Lets get 50-60 riders. this will be tons of fun!


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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:00 pm 
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Plan B is qued up and to go off today at noon today. Wind looks good, east in the high teens building the further south you go. The sun is up, no rain in sight, should be a good day. Kent put the following up:

"it's on for a 12 start. winds are looking good for 12's and 14's. STAY OUT OF the SWIM BUOYS!!! Watch for debirs in the shallow water off of S-Ville. If you have a leak or any equipment problems, you must exit at Crandon or earlier because it is a 5-6 mile swim if not.

Keep a close eye out for boats when crossing Government Cut and the Cut South of FTL. NEVER Cross in front of a boat or ship, "even if you do have madd skills". Look for a white boat just east of the shallows of Matheson. The boat should be just in front of the Matheson wreck with the flag. Give your name to Paula on the boat and you can see how you did against GARRY "THE BODY" MENK.

Once at Matheson, please, please abide by the rules. Do not jump inside the line of white crab pot buoys. Never ride inside the red balls. If you do, we will find out where you ride and f'up your spot!!! ALSO... don't fly your kite in the damn parking lot IDIOT!!! I don't care even if you have madd skills or are a certified instructor from Hatteras. Oh yeah... just because you rode a week at Real 2 years ago doesn't even get you a hall pass. Be cool this is one of our last spots. Thanks. Everyone have a great time!

PICK AT BUDDY at the 11:30 riders meeting. you are responsible for yourself and your buddy."

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:37 pm 
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This just in from Neil:

"Hi all,

Just wanted to send out a quick update and thank all of you for coming out Saturday night at Evolve, it was a great time. Unfortunately we did not have the right winds for the race on Sunday so we are in a holding pattern. This weekend it seems like a strong front is approaching but it may get here to late for a weekend race. That will put us back on hold until the 21st, at that time if the race has not happened we will take a Christmas break until January. Then go back into a holding pattern to try and pull it off on a weekend.If we start getting into late January without success we will go into the first given day of wind whether it be on a weekend or a weekday.
Below you can see a list of all that have entered, you will see two comments after your name, either a yes or nothing, one is for the waiver and one is for payment. If your name is on there and you have not paid and/or filled out the release please contact me straight away or I will take you off the list and you will not be able to re-enter. I have paid a lot of money out so far and put in many hours of work and need to finalize the list. All money brought in has gone to T's, trophies etc and the remainder will be cash prize money, so I need to know where we are.
Keep your eyes on your e-mails and forecast. Cheers Neil

1. Stacy Fonas yes Yes
2. Matt Sexton Yes
3. Julia Kim
4. Jayson Orkins
5. Juan Garces
6. Chris Summers yes Yes
7. David Albertson Yes Yes
8. Packet Casey Yes Yes
9. Eric Naranjo Yes Yes
10. Sean Reyngoudt
11. Mike Bradley Yes Yes
12. Chris Jordan Yes Yes
13. Raul Argilagos
14. Joseph Ruscito Yes Yes
15. Kent Marinkovic Yes Yes
16. Steve Visnage
17. Will Caldwell Yes Yes
18. Sean Spenser Yes Yes
19. John Rudd Yes Yes
20. Rick Iossi Yes Yes
21. Chad Anschuetz Yes Yes
22. Tammy Camp
23. Paul Sheetz
24. Danny Albertson Yes Yes
25. Justice Bentz Yes Yes
26. Grace Marcel Yes Yes
27. Demian Thomas Yes Yes
28. Mark Barber
29. Chase Kosterlitz Yes Yes
30. Gregory Dannemann
31. Craig Priddy Yes Yes
32. Perry Ricciardi Yes Yes
33. Gary Menk Yes Yes
34. Enrique Gianello
35. Daniel Floyd Yes
36. Jan Gianello
37. Gabe Rodriguez
38. Bill Bentz Yes Yes
39. Brandon Pelly
40.Alex Bloechinger Yes
41. Brian Walters
42. Tommy Byrne
43. Alex Cipullo Yes
44. Jonathan Arline Yes Yes
45. Jay Warren Yes
46. Jeremy Green Yes Yes
47. Inigo Gonzalez
48. John Hooper Yes Yes
49. Burt Van Schalkwyk Yes Yes
50. David Teichman
51. Matthew Steiner Yes Yes
52. Chris Cifers
53. Brien Mastriana
54. Kevin Kearney Yes Yes
55. Evan Bell Yes Yes
56. Chris Hentschl Yes Yes
57. Damien Leroy Yes Yes
58. Jordan Borgese
59. David Katlic Yes Yes
60. Aron Ericson Yes Yes
61. A J Morgan Yes
62. Tripp Hobbs Yes
63. Todd Bagge Yes Yes
64. Tracey Krueger Yes Yes
65. Jamie Levesque Yes Yes
66. Shawn Cole Yes Yes
67. Kurt Hoffman Yes Yes
68. David Logan Yes Yes
69. Micheal Yes
70. David Deberard
71. Riley Carter Yes
72. Mellisa Gil Yes Yes
73. Jon Finegold Yes Yes
74. Alex Afonso
75. Ryan Druyor Yes Yes
76. Alex Moore Yes
77. David Welton Yes Yes
78. Tom Dunfee Yes Yes
79. Dougle Macdonald Yes Yes
80. Ed Bispham Yes Yes
81. Scott Ward Yes Yes
82. Yyler Bentz Yes Yes
83. Brandon Biggs Yes
84. Andy Defilipp Yes Yes
85. Pete Weisberg Yes Yes
86. Donny Rouch Yes Yes
87. Jon Pinto Yes Yes
88. Les Bauman Yes
89. Ken Russell Yes Yes
90. Leif Given Yes Yes
91. George Moore Yes Yes
92. Helga Goebel Yes Yes
93. Kevin Oneal Yes Yes
94. Chris Rubin
95. Andy Worrall
96. Chad Worrall
97. Justin Worrall
98. Daniel Jennings
99. Nicci Warshauer "

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