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ocean rodeo mako wide - anyone bought one yet?

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Re: ocean rodeo mako wide - anyone bought one yet?

Postby Chris1973 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:43 pm

Just came in from a perfect session on my mako wide 140x40.

18-20knots SW wind with a lot of chop but also some pretty nice waves.
I'm 90kg and i was riding an 08 Nemi HP 12m.

First impresions:
Banana shape, stiff flex, round edges, very nice and comfy footpads, one fin in each side and one hell of a concave (that think looked like a tunnel).
This board will probably kill my knees in that chop.

Surpise. :o Man, this board is killing chop like it's not there at all. :o
It took me about 10 minutes to get it dialed cause it rides a litlle different from a normal twintip but after that it was really sweet. If you ride with the board flat it accelerates on the plane very fast and as soon as you lean on your heelside edge it tracks upwind very good.
Carving and transitions are the bread and butter for this board.
When i first saw that banana shape i had my doughts about the upwind drive of this board but i guess that massive concave on the bottom is doing a really nice job.
The board is quite stiff but landings after normall jumps are not that bad either, i don't know what will hapen after a mega loop but i don't think this board was made with that in mind.
Even though it's 140x40 it felt like a lot smaller under my feet.

All in all a very nice board for choppy and mushy conditions. :thumb:

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