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Smartloop Review

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Smartloop Review

Postby Generic-Imitation » Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:04 am

First off I'd like to point out that I am in no way an expert rider, affiliated with any company and also I'm single ladies. :rollgrin:

Ok, heh... My review of the Naish Smartloop system
Cost of the Smartloop: 110.00 USD
Kite: Shockwave 06'
Beach: Kailua, HI

I bought it from the Naish Oahu store in Kailua and since I'm a helpless nub one of the people who work there (Levi) installed it for me in a snap, less than 10 minutes. So I go out to Kailua around noon and setup my kite and sorta apprehensive about this smartloop. it took some fiddling getting used to it before launch, seeing as how I was used to the 06 shockwave stock trim straps (yuk!!) but after the initial worry I simply loved it. The amount of depower you get from this strap is simply amazing! The whole device has good sturdy build quality, and definitely does not feel cheap. the stopper plate on the middle line was a great addition, I really hated that orange stopper. You have complete control of power/depower in a snap. I was riding in pretty favorable conditions in the bay, but on the beach going back upwind (I can't stay upwind yet :baby: ) I could feel a lot less pressure and pull from the kite when i had the strap pulled down below the bar, and the bar pushed out.. that kite was just putty in my hands at that point.. no pull at all. and the bar pressure on 06 shockwaves leaves something to be desired usually.

so pros: great depower, cleans up bar, no tangles from trim strap handles, great safety system below the bar

Cons: the trim strap part below the bar with the 2 stopper balls only tighten when you pull straight down, might take some getting used to, the stopper plate above the bar sometimes moves to easily, I might just need to tighten it.

conclusion: I highly recommend this piece of equipment, plain and simple. It works exactly how i thought it should.

any feedback is greatly welcome, this is my first review of any product, but definitely not my last.


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Re: Smartloop Review

Postby smoore » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:24 am

Easily outperforms any chicken loop/quick release system iv ever seen. in my opinion everything "high quality" or "super safe" in alot of kite companys is standard with Naish kit.. btw i have no affiliation with naish or any brand, but im upgrading to the smartloop at the moment!

cheers, smoore

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