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Blade Vertigo 2008 Test

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Blade Vertigo 2008 Test

Postby windsuks » Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:01 pm

Great review of a very well built, performance kite at an awesome price still. 2009 kites will be out towards the end of the year (for refreshing is that)

As we get details of the new kites we'll keep you posted, all we know at present is there will be two new models as well as an updated Vertigo. These will be a new Bow kite and and a new "C" Kite


2008 Blade - Vertigo


The 2008 Blade Vertigo possess a revolutionary design that will bring you remarkable overall performance for the ultimate riding experience. Outshining the competition with its extensive airtime, massive jumps, powerful pull and slight pressure, it's sure to be enjoyed by all freestyle riders. The ground breaking wing-tip spoilers create sharp and precise pivot turns while maintaining overall kite stability – a feature that is guaranteed to please riders from beginner to advanced. This unique element makes it especially ideal for riders who are seeking quick turns for wave riding. The kite can also be set-up in a four- or five-line configuration, depending on personal preference. With even more insignia tape, more padding, and an advanced production system applied to the leading edge seam, the Vertigo 2008 will survive even the harshest beatings. The durable kite construction will allow you to spend more time with your new kite in the water and less time in the repair shop.

WILL: Interesting colour scheme.
CHRIS: Like a peacock.
WILL: Bar is a little bit clunky but the ribs for your fingers are nice. The bar itself was quite small, which I like, and the depower system has loops that are nice and easy to grab and the system itself is the tried and tested webbing strap that works smoothly.
NEAL: I thought the bar was nice and simple and very comfortable. The kite was an absolute revelation – I really liked it.
CHRIS: When you first look at it in the sky, you think it's really high aspect because it seems long and thin. I really like the blue and green colours, they make it look a bit cheeky in the sky, and I got excited as soon as I started riding this kite.
WILL: The kite was fast and responsive. Medium bar pressure but you get a lot of feeling with the kite. I always knew where it was. Occasionally I got pulled around a bit by it hooked-in, but that keeps things interesting and you could send it up to 12 very quickly, which gave you a great boost. Looped fast as well, and this was definitely one of the kites I went back to at the end of the day. Definitely quite C-like.
CHRIS: The power delivery is very smooth and predictable, and this is another good kite for jumping high, but at the same time for riding unhooked. Kite looping in and out of the loop the kite was quick and looped with just the right amount of power – not a scary amount. Unhooked it turned very quickly and with much less power than I expected. You could really throw the kite about in bottom and top turns; it was a really fun kite to follow around.
NEAL: Easy to get on to just have some fun. With just a little bit of depower pulled on it has great handling and a good feeling unhooked. Isn't the fastest, doesn't have the most pop and doesn't drag you upwind, but it actually does absolutely everything very well. In a way it makes bigger jumps more attainable than a kite that's better in each department because it is so user-friendly. I'd recommend that to anyone from intermediate upwards. You can get so much out of it.
CHRIS: A great kite for most people for its predictable easy, flying. Great fun in waves, too.

SUMMARY: There's an instant grin factor with this kite. Without specialising in any one area, the Vertigo more than covers all its bases, and seems to have benefited from being toned down a little in power from last year to become a player in every department. Great, fun kite that will take you a long time to outgrow.

7, 9, 10, 12, 14
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Re: Blade Vertigo 2008 Test

Postby zenna kitesurf » Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:03 pm

Beat me to it . :thumb: :thumb:

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