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1st Pismo Beach 30 Mile Downwinder Kite Rally

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1st Pismo Beach 30 Mile Downwinder Kite Rally

Postby jbaflyer » Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:58 am

Dear Fellow Kiters,

For those of you who get bored easy and like adventures that can possibly be the end of you, the 1st Annual Downwinder Rally will be held at Pismo Beach in the beginning of October. This is a kite Rally, with no sponsors, where I will be departing on a 30 mile downwind trek South through some insane surf spots, great white feeding areas (a surfer was just chomped last month where we end up) and restricted military access (i.e. don't get to close or you get a felony record).

I will be launching out of Oceano Dunes, at Grand Avenue where an Amtrak station is a few hundred yards away, then heading South to Surf Beach, Lompoc, +/- 30 miles South where there is an Amtrak station on the beach. I will be leaving around 1 pm, and head to Lompoc and catch the train when it departs at 7 pm back to where I started.

Along the way there are many great spots for some large surf and swell and untouched Central Coast beach spots. The views are great and if the surf is up, there will be double overhead rolling swells which will make you happy as a Pismo Clam!! You can also stay outside the swells, 1/2 mile off shore if you are not into wave riding, however at the beach landing you will have to navigate in through massive surf quickly as the waves break on the sand with an average height of 6'.

However, this is not for you if you are not conditioned to riding long hours in the ocean. River riders who have never been in the ocean need not apply. Why? We have no boat support, no close shore to swim to with mean currents, so you are on your own. We are riding through heavy surf, and rip currents that kill one or two people every year. Many of these beaches cannot be landed on safely as there are rocks everywhere, not to mention hidden ones below the water. If you do beach land the hike will be 5-10 miles to a spot to be picked up. Also, Whiteee (Great White) is waiting for us (known shark attacks have occurred, but not with kiters, so if your kite goes down, hopefully your close to shore!!!) Furthermore, waiting along the final part of the ride are the Vandenberg Military Police, waiting to pluck you from the beach, interrogate you and give you a felony record as a token of their appreciation.

The good part is the wind builds dramatically as we move South, so there will be no fear of wind shut down on a good wind cycle day. Average wind will be 16-22 mph. When we land we will rest and wait for the 7 pm Amtrak to take us back. It is a $20 ticket back which we will buy the day we depart and a 55 min train ride back.

Notice for this Rally will be a few days before with solid confirmation the day before, because we are at the mercy of the wind. If you send me your contact info to and I will provide more details as the date gets closer. I am projecting the Rally will occur in the first two weeks of October. Hope to see you here!

PS: BYOLV Bring Your Own Life Vest
PSS: BYOSR Bring Your Own Shark Repellant
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