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Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

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Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby Toby » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:18 am

Best News:

2009 Kahoona

Best Kiteboarding is proud to announce the latest addition to its 2009 kite line up.
The new Kahoona is the perfect choice for every rider looking for a super stable, easy-to-rig, easy- to-fly kite. A reduced aspect-ratio and swept leading edge make the Kahoona Best's quickest relaunching kite: it is the perfect kite choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking to maximize their progress every session.

A new Redline Safety System delivers instant safety-depower whenever you push the QR or drop
the bar. With short bridles and only four flying lines there is nothing to wrap around the kite should
you roll it while relaunching. Redline Safety System allows you to forget about the kite and
concentrate on your riding.

Our Quad-Strut swept-tip design helps minimize drag for faster, easier turning helping to improve
low wind ability. Responsive handling, great downwind drift and auto-relaunch combine to help
make the Kahoona the most evolved big-wave surf kite we've ever made.

A new VP2 mini-bridle provides the Kahoona with a large wind range and helps maximize stability
in all riding conditions, especially when riding unhooked or overpowered. Single point connections
for front and rear flying lines simplify your rigging options and make the Kahoona incredibly quick
and simple to set-up even for novice riders.

The Kahoona's auto-relaunch, ease of set-up, large wind range and reliable safety will help make
you progress faster than you thought was possible. It comes loaded with ease of use and safety
features that are out of this world: at a surprisingly down to earth price.

Kahoona: Progression in every session.

7.5m, 9.5m, 11.5m and 13.5m sizes will be available to own from March 1st 2009
Available to test at selected retailers from Feb 15th.
Kahoona 2009 Features 1.png

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby gotwind » Wed Jan 07, 2009 7:01 am

Toby wrote: The Kahoona's auto-relaunch,
Seriously? Auto-relauch. So if i drop the kite it will come up with no bar input. :nono:

I know its not a big deal but kite companies need to be a more little realistic on there descriptions.

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby ronnie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:48 am

Does it work the same way as IDS?
ie. when you release the Q/R, does the kite sheet out and the bridle changes where it pulls from by use of pulleys on the bridle, and starts pulling from near the centre of the kite?

Does the Redline hold it on both front lines?

What is the procedure for reconnecting after going to the Redline?

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby lucie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:46 pm

Good Q's Ronnie, exactly what I was wondering....

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby gtoppino » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:43 pm

I think is Delta's Time. We are going to see more and more of these kites out there.
According with marketing spechees they are great, but......... you never know. I hope I can try it soon by myself.


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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby sq225917 » Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:00 pm

You rebuild the Chickenloop just like you do on the standard Best Bar once it has been released, both safeties go through the Chickenloop.

The big difference with Kahoona, compared to the Waroo is that the kite rests on much less front line tension, it's even easier to rebuild the CL than on the Waroo. it's super easy.

Auto-relaunch: that's a pretty accurate description. It hits the water, lies on one wingtip then drifts to the edge, pretty much all you have to do is flick the kite off the water.

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby seking » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:05 pm

interesting how similar to the 2009 rebel it is with no center strut. I am wondering about bar pressure and depower. I am guessing they pull like trucks. there are more and more delta kites out there.

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby ronnie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:34 pm

The new Shinn N62 has either 4 struts or 3 (I've seen photo's of both) and is a delta shape. I think it may be their wave kite, but that is a total guess. I've only seen pictures of it. Looks like there is going to be a big choice of Delta kites, which seems to support it being a design that has it's own market.
The shape may be geometrically more suited to the IDS type front lines depower.

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby kitezilla » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:26 pm

I have been trying to keep track of all the kites using this "mini-fifth line, which engages the 2 front lines" safety system. They all look the same, but there may be some differences. I haven't heard of any horror stories about the safety systems not working adequately. So far I know of 4 brands using this safety system, F-one, North, Cahbrina, Eclipse (Morph), and Best will make 5. Someone mentioned that RRD also has one, and that would make 6.

A lot of questions were asked about this type of safety system in the last year, triggered by Cahbrina's entry into the market, in this thread:

viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2348879&start=0&st= ... ids+system

The Delta design is being produced by more and more manufacturers each year, so I would expect that soon there will be a lot of these kites being used and any problems will be exposed. So far, the kites are not being marketed to inexperienced kiters, and these advanced kiters don't really use their safety systems very often, like beginners do, so it might take a while to gather any adverse-incident data.

It seems like all the questions asked about this safety system in the above link, should be asked of all of these brands, not just of the Cahbrina brand. Does anyone know of any real differences in the functionality of the control and safety systems of any of these brands?

Since all of these systems look the same to me, I am making the assumption that they all will function the same. I could be wrong, and would like to know if anyone thinks otherwise. I haven't heard of anyone who has had a problem while activating any of these safety systems, but then again, I haven't heard of many cases where the kiter, in desperation, needed to use the safety system.

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Re: Best Kiteboarding introduces the 2009 Kahoona

Postby ronnie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:49 pm

I think there are differences in how much they depower (and maybe how stable they are when depowered).

The Kahoona is described as a beginner/intermediate kite.

Interesting that I didn't get a direct answer of my questions, so maybe it is a subject only Cabrinha want to discuss.

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