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Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby 5thliner » Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:05 pm

HJ11 wrote:Don't get me wrong.. I like both kites but all i want to say that the RippeHR is not that fast as they say it is. It's a fine kite for a beginner. It can be compairt with the waroo.
I liked the EZE better because my bodyweight is 95kg and there is a mega pull on the frontlines (CL). It is like hooking in behind an truck... The Eze is not as quick as the RippeHR but has more hangtime and because it has less barpressure you can make a lote of graps during your flight :wink: .....

Disagree completely on the Ripper description by HJ, and do not recommend it for beginners.
The Ripper is a kite for advanced to expert riders and it starts revving nicely around 14 knots. Most our customers that have these are either freestylers or hard core surfers.

BTW, the Ripper was the original Ultra flat kite, the Eze came after and is flatter and higher AR to milk the last bit of power out of it.

The Eze was designed as a high performance kite for light wind conditions or heavy riders, the 13 Eze should have had a different name and is a light wind kite in its own class.

I see a 12M Ripper and a 13M Eze in the image, well, if you want to compare these 2 you should have a 9M Eze next to the 12M ripper, those 2 kites have similar power.

The Beast is a low AR, user friendly grunty kite with low bar pressure, this kite is used by many schools and rental places for its user friendliness.

my 2 cents, ;-)

Talking about hangtime and Ripper. We just won a big air event.
Race results for the Kiteboard4Kids competition in Cabarete
1th Luis Alberto Cruz 58kg Ripper 9M
3de Bobo Corniel 82kg Eze 11

pics found here ... kite4kids/



***: the Waroo comparison ... :-), like comparing a Lada with a Porche... ;-)
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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby Windrider » Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:29 pm

5thliner wrote: ***: the Waroo comparison is an insult... :-), like comparing a Lada with a Porche... ;-)
from a layman's perspective, I wuz thinking that the Rippehr sounds much more similar to the HP than to the Waroo (never ridden an HP, but ridden the Waroo lots...). I know that my EH Beast (not my Rippehr) replaced the functionality of my Waroo as my general purpose every-day kite.

Totally agree than the EZE 13 should have a name all it's own. Maybe next year? The non-13m-EZEs are more of normal-use performance kites than the 13m. Thought I heard that Brian Lake liked them in the waves with his skim boards?

Tyrone Rabinowitz
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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby Tyrone Rabinowitz » Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:00 pm

A couple more pennies on this subject.

The relaunch for the EZE and the Rippehr/Unleashed is a little different than other kites. Not difficult, just different. Once you've done it a couple times you get the hang of it.

Depending on your preference the EZE is a very good wakestyle kite. Some prefer the speed and agility of the Rippehr others prefer the grunt and loft of the EZE.

I strongly disagree with the comparison of the turning between a Ripper and a Waroo. The waroo is slow, has inconsistent power delivery during the turn and the feedback to the bar is poor. The Rippehr is the opposite. Very fast turns, smooth + consistent power delivery and you know exactly where the kite is by the feedback to the bar.
Waroo = 1980's Chrysler k-car, it'll get you from point a to b.
Rippehr = Porche Cayman, gets you there with performance and style.

As far as the Beast/Vicious goes, it's a great allround kite. Moderate turning speed, very stable and can jump suprisingly well. The relaunch for these kites has been suprisingly simple and quick. More like a standard bow kite to me, only easier.

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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby HJ11 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:15 pm

5thliner.... No offensive but you have to read my replay better..

I wrote that i have been testing the 9,11 and 13 Eze and the 9 and 12 RippeHR.
Not only the kites you see on the pictures.
I had alote of sessions with all these kites.
Yes i agree the 13m2 is a class by its own.......

Indeed you can not compair the windrange 9m2 RippeHR with the 9m2 Eze.
Look at my windcard

And yes in my opinion i do think that the Rippehr, do the the larger windrange which you can acces by trowing away of the bar and the normale speed, can be a good beginners kite.
The Eze has more rest power so i think the RippeHR is more safe

It is way more safe then a Wipika AMP for a beginners kite. :lol:

Only my 2 cent

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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby titoislaidlow » Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:07 am

Lots of mixed opinions on this kite. To answer some of everyones questions, my ride style is majority lake through the summer, snowkite in the winter, and I make frequent trips to the waves of Florida and a 1/year trip to Caberete.

I have been spoiled with the Cabrinha because when I crash on the water after a failed move I just throw the bar and the kite depowers. I am fearful of flying this "advanced" kite because it stays powered up or when Im in the waves doesnt relaunch (has happened with my 14m).

This would by my high wind kite, but also want to share it with my g/f in lighter winds due to her size.

I appreciate everyones opinions, im really on the fence with this one. I do not have the oppurntunity to test one where I currently live, may just take the dive and try it. I'll wait for a couple more opinions.

Thanks for the great discussions! :thumb:

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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby max » Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:30 am

hey . . .

i do really think you should take the trip and try the Rippers yourself . . . kite choice can be very personal . . . what one person raves about in a kite may not be what you actually like in a kite . ..

i myself love the Rippers . . . as they have everything that i like in a kite. . . speed, lift, depower, direct response from bar inputs and medium bar pressure . . . and no gimmicks . . . and no one-pump . . . .

as for the Ripper for beginner discussion....

personally, i would not recommend the Ripper to any beginner as their first kite . . . even though they have a great wind range, they do not excel in the areas that a learner requires to learn safely . . . .

aren't beginners better off with kites that are slowish to react to bar inputs as well as being super easy relaunch :?:

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Freak Dog Kites

Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby KiteboardingTampaBay » Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:42 pm

All these kites are great with easy relaunch
Check with Freak Dog headquarters in Daytona Beach, they have smokin' good deals on kites and boards, so you can probably get a Vicious(beast) if you want for a great price.
Call them and see what they can do for you
Great product, great warranty, good people.


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Re: Freakdog Unleashed Relaunch/User Freindly?

Postby BrockLanders » Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:54 pm

titoislaidlow wrote: This would by my high wind kite, but also want to share it with my g/f in lighter winds due to her size.
I picked up a 10m Vicious(beast) for exactly that reason. It's my 9yr olds light wind kite and my stronger wind kite. Great depower and better low end than the Unleashed. I've ridden it in 15 to 30+ without a problem. IMHO - maybe a better choice based on your needs.

KTB's post is right on the money. Give em a call and see what they can do for you.

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