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North Rebel 2010 Photos

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby Gigi;) » Tue Jul 14, 2009 1:58 pm

Maybe few of my thoughts... been doing different designs for many years now.

I never liked Rebels, but I must say some answers from a quote below are good.

1. Been playing with straight struts for a long time and they do allow more breathing of the canopy and I have them on bigger kites. Recently I'm OK w/o them since I've reduced number of struts.

they looks like this

2. I couldn't find very big issues in having straight center LE... TE naturally didn't follow it quite OK but only small mods were needed to fix that.


3. Longer straight LE segments actually are good in tips. I wonder why North still uses TE battens there if they're almost flutter-free? :)

Dan-at-North wrote:Regarding the four vs. five strut debate and Geotech discussions posted here and elsewhere, the designers have this to say:

"One of the reasons we liked the four-strut configuration of the ’09 Rebel was that eliminating the center strut permitted the broad center section of the Rebel to luff completely when the kite was depowered. This gave better power and depower – more of a “pop”, more of a crisp and quick on-off in the canopy power – when pulling in on the bar or letting out. At the same time, this more complete ability to luff in the center of the canopy gave all sizes a smoother, less draggy feel.

We were determined to keep both the good depower and crisp feeling in the 2010 Rebel, but thought that staying with a four-strut design, while fine for most riders, was too close to the edge for some. The answer was to move the quarter struts slightly farther from the center – thus enlarging the luffable center area of the canopy – and to place a straight strut in the center position.

We had dabbled with straight struts back in the summer of 2001, and we have prototyped with them occasionally over the years, but have never before found the right circumstances for gaining a clear advantage from them. However, with the new 2010 Rebel protos we could see that the tip and quarter struts were providing good profile stability while the straight center strut was adding enormous stability to the leading edge tube without robbing us of the large luffable area.

Combining the wider luffable center area of the canopy with the extra leading edge support from the fifth strut gave us, in short, the best of both four- and five-strut worlds."

For those who don't understand what Ken means by "straight strut" the easiest thing to do will be to go check a 2010 Rebel out, and take a good look at the center strut. You'll notice that it's not directly connected to the canopy, but sits several inches off of it, which allows the canopy to act as though there were no strut there, while the LE still has the added stability of the center strut. I think it's a rather brilliant solution to the difficult problem of trying to balance between the added stability of a center strut and the added performance of four struts.

As far as the "Geotech" claims, Ken has the following to add:

"The change in geometry that is shared by all 2010 Rebels is the reduction from three segements to just one segment in the span between tip and quarter struts. This is an idea we have tested and revisited over the last 5 years, but only now have hit upon the right way to do it.

From our testing, and from observing some other kites on the water, we knew that having too few segments through the center part of the kite – the part that has the most curve in the arc – has undesirable effects on canopy profile shape. Therefore, we knew we didn’t want to use single-segment geometry through the middle of the kite. However, nearer the tips, where the arc of the kite is normally not so curved and where flat canopy profiles are desirable because of their resistance to fluttering and flapping, the single-segment approach makes sense.

The result of this use of single-segment geometry gives canopy tips that are cleaner, less draggy and nearly flutter-free."

The final word, however, will always come from on-the-water testing, which is where Rebels have always done their best. The kites should be released in September. Contact your local for a demo.

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby Er Presidente » Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:27 pm

I think that changing design every year can only cause damage to the company. I think it is a joke that one year they use 4 struts and the following one they use 5 struts. They rejected the bridle idea but the North Rhino 2008 had the longest and most annoying bridle I have ever seen. I owned a Rhino 2008, I loved the kite, but the second hand market in eBay for North kite is awful cause they keep changing kite design every year.
I do respect them for the fact that they keep employing the 5th line concept, but i wouldn't be surprise if they gradually ditch it.
I heard many similar complaints in the beaches I go to. North produces amazing kites, superior quality but changing design every year only confuses existing and potential customers.

I think market is awarding companies for simplicity. Cabrinha, Best and this year Wainman have very simple kites, simple bars and they have been sticking to their design and core concepts for several years. It appears to me that orth still dont have a clear direction both on kite design and board shaping (they have over 10 boards, wtf!) Keep things simple and consumers will reward you.

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby lobodomar » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:01 am

What I don't understand is why use the same name for a completely different design?

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby Er Presidente » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:13 am

maybe next year they will call a board Rebel :)

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby agakan » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:38 am

pix rebel 2010

north team series ( topic: North Kiteboarding )

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby waves1111 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:34 pm

Here's some new bar photos to go with the 2010 Rebel. ... C_ID=52980

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby Kobrin » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:28 pm

North innovates, and yes they make mistakes.

Most companys only copy...

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby flipper231 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:20 pm

The problem is when you pop 2000$ a kite (3 kite quiver-do the math), you want some resale value. North did go away with the center strut on the rhino with success , incorporated the one pump on the rhino again, a nice system with ties that do not require tools for ''On the beach'' repairs. That one pump works great so it went on the Rebel. The evo came out as a Delta, they changed the tips and shape of the rebel to incorporate it slightly. They seemed to have a plan to incorporate technologies from one kite model to another. But now it is clear that the Rebel does not fit anywhere anymore, the Evo is a good kite just needs to be worked up in the top end a bit, and it does everything the Rebel does. I think we are seeing the end of the rebel, II I change my gear every year, i sent an e-mail to North asking them what should be selling points I should use to sell my 09 gear so I can buy crispy new kites. I am still waiting for their answer. As previously stated I am likely to use these kites until they are totally trashed since their value will be low and it is a great kite (for me at least). North got one thing right... Sell high and make sure they don't come back. The good thing is that I will be kiting more and spending less time shopping for the next 3 to 4 years. Then I will see what brand seems to have the best kites for the moneyand the best development plan. It is a shame that Everybody put a year on their gear, I like the Flysurfer phylosophy- Pulse 1-2-3 and new designs are being incorporated every 18 to 24 months. Bladder guys should do the same instead of running around like chickens with no head.
Good wind to all-Play safe.

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby Wawando » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:07 am

Has anyone tried the 2010 Rebel? I was chatting with a guy that has used them and says it felt even more powerfull than 2009, though he usually rides 2008 rebels. Is this confirmed? I would like my 6m to have less power in the high end. I am planning to change my current 9+6 to 9+7+5 but only if 5 and 7 are less powerfull than 2009 rebels, or i will stick to then and get a 5m.
See you!

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Re: North Rebel 2010 Photos

Postby cRAZY Canuck » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:48 pm

Not sure about Europe - but there not supposed to be in the shops in Aus untill middle of August (earliest).

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