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Postby chicagokitesurfer » Fri Sep 20, 2002 3:11 pm

I had the opportunity to ride a new Slingshot LFT board on Wednesday, and found it to be a pleasant surprise and wanted to share with all here. In Chicago, we get quite a few light wind days and this board will make the difference for a lot of riders...after riding it one day, I ordered one for myself.

This tester board is 167cm by 49 cm and 3cm thick. The sizing will be the production sizing. The thickness is the key for the light wind performance. Its a relatively short board for light wind, with extra volume in the body for float. The fin setup contains the same versatility of the Slingshot Skate Series (Jarvis, Drake, Zepplin) boards utilizing 6 fins instead of four, with four of them on the heel side edge. This setup gives you the same abilities to change the style of ride of the board, but we felt it rode really well with the fin placement as in the photo below. The edge is tapered so the material's thickness at the edge is the same as the Jarvis and other boards, as well. This board, with its additional thickness, requires the use of more hip-twisting, liking to be ridden more prominently in that skate-style stance, where there's a balance between the edge and fin use, and turning the hips upwind. Here's some graphics of the board shape, fin placement, and sizing comparison to the Zepplin.

<img src= ... _width.jpg>

<img src= ... epplin.jpg>

<img src= ... _setup.jpg>


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