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Xelerator Fish 5'8" - feedback needed please

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Xelerator Fish 5'8" - feedback needed please

Postby cabron » Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:53 pm

The board got a great review from one magazine, but it would be nice to hear the end user feedback on the board.

Carving, chop handling, small and bigger waves, crappy waves & onshore mush hadnling? And all these strapless of course.

And is it strong, so does it handle some jumping? And I mean strapless jumping =)

And lastly, have you tried padlle surfing with the board?

Thank you very much!!!

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Re: Xelerator Fish 5'8" - feedback needed please

Postby kangaroo » Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:04 pm

i use to ride a airush converse 6ft2 board which was vg in clean faces but poor upwind ability held it back in onshore conditions as i always seemed to have same kite size up as twintip riders which then made life harder riding waves
i have had about 5 months riding the 5ft8 fish - in quad mode it streams upwind with superb grip but i found it stiff top turning - i now ride it solely with 2 rear fins making it very loose - i find it easy to gybe and tack and find the size allround great for aerial fun - its well built - not lighjtweight but really does offer fast controlled and lively feel underfoot
i ride solely in onshore mushy difficult conditions but i can take the board out always with one kite size smaller and throw it about easily - no need for wax as the non slip is excellent with flat deck pads - i havent tried with straps but up to and just over head high faces i havent pearled the board or slipped out on fast bottom turns.... yet!
no chance for paddling surfing imho at 80kgs
i would say its an excellent first time board and suitable for all levels of rider in less than perfect waves which tbh 99% encounter in reality

i am not sponsored and have no affiliation with any form of pimping - only down side is the cost and maybe on mine no board leash attachment but...... i wud never use board leash myself.... strap fitting screws look basic but i aint even screwed them in

i hope this helps - ill happily try answer any qs in private but im not defending or arguing the boards cause.... for me it works superbly :jump:


go on youtube and find 10kangaroo and there are some modest video clips of the board in action

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Re: Xelerator Fish 5'8" - feedback needed please

Postby windsuks » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:37 pm

I have both the epic and the fish, I use the epic when it's more "down the line" conditions. I use the fish practically every session now for about two years. It is def the best surfboard that I have used.

Pretty much all as Kangaroo says however i did use a 2 fin for a few months but went back to quad and love the fact I can really throw everything into the waves without it breaking out.

Two years on and the board is still in excellent condition, a few knocks, cracks etc but no water intake at all!

I love it!

Here are a few photos from last winter ... ne-t96.htm

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Re: Xelerator Fish 5'8" - feedback needed please

Postby kangaroo » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:56 am

id love a 5ft8 epic to supplement the fish for use as a strapped board in nuking winds when big surf - if anyone selling one second hand let me know in uk but not so many around i figure....

regarding quad set up - with straps yes i guess but strapless the quality of top turns almost in slow motion which in onshore mush without a strong push off the wave really does give you a feel of getting loose with two fins and easy to fin slide - with the quad fins your thighs burn to break fins out

can anyone post up the board specs - length/width/rocker outlines etc etc cos i know quite a few who like to compare and pass comment

ive tried smaller strapped boards and my one reservation was would this board retain the feel of being pushed by the wave as oppose to powered kite riding - it does indeed


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