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Tear around the central bladder on a Fuel.What do you think?

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Re: Tear around the central bladder on a Fuel.What do you think?

Postby redskykiter » Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:51 pm

Looks like Slingshot uses hi-quality Teijin: ... force.html

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Re: Tear around the central bladder on a Fuel.What do you think?

Postby .Joel » Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:25 pm

sq225917 wrote:Your kite looks like that because you leave it flapping on the beach.
ROFL :roll:

I have three North Vegas 2008 and no issues like that on them, one Red & Black, one Green & White, one Blue & Brown. I always have two kites out, one on the beach pumped and waiting depending on the forecast it will be a size up or down from what i'm riding. The other in my hands, and I kite in summer 4x a week. On the weekends I have my kite plus a couple of demo kites pumped and ready for anyone that wants a try, and those kites are changing hands, on the beach off the beach all day every Sat and Sun and no issues created by the days where they sit there "flapping."

The Ocean Rodeo Rise 2008's are still looking perfect as well, and they're used by a mate now every week. The StarKites are in perfect condition the ExA 09 still looking mint and it has been used for kitesurfing and land boarding.

This whole "it's because it flaps on the beach" is bullshit. Bottom line is if you're a kite manufacturer and you're serious about the quality of your product then you build it to suit. The other option is you're "just another" manufacturer that claims their gear is "bullet proof / bomb proof" until it sits on a beach "flapping." A bit like being "surf tough" but if your kite rolls in the surf it's not a warranty issue.



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