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Foil kite vs. inflatable kite

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Re: Foil kite vs. inflatable kite

Postby bam123 » Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:12 pm

I have been riding foils for almost 3 years now and my first kite from FS was psycho 2 10m. I have to say they that foils have made a really noticeable progress. This year i tried lots of tube kites (vegas, rhino,wainman smoke...), unfortunately all were 9m size, so i can't compare to bigger foils. In my opinion p4 8 and tube 9m are all great kites, i don't see any disadvantage when riding foil, you can do kiteloops, unhooked, bigair. Ok, it's a little easier to land an inflatable kite after a loop, than a foil, because they have a better recovery after the loop and they turn a little faster (like pulling a handbrake). But from what i have seen a 12m tube turns way faster than a 12m foil. Maybe it's a little unfair comparison, because 12m C kite should be compared with foil around 10m in terms of power. I have psycho 4 12, which i will replace maybe with a inflatable kite, or smaller foil (10m), because it's just a little too slow. For example, i like doing kiteloops, jump as high as possible and than do a kiteloop landing with another kiteloop or downloop. I have no problem doing that with a p4 8m in winds 20-30knots, but it's just impossible to land smooth after a kiteloop with a 12m foil. Maybe another generation of a FS freestyle kites will also bring that, but until than i will have to find a replacement for a psycho 4 12m. So if anyone has tried psycho 4 10m, what is your opinion on looping with it. I'm also very much interested in HadlowPRO 11m, Hifi Comp 12m (2009) or 11m (2010) and Fuel 11, but i haven't tried any of them so i don't know how fast are they and if the windrange can be compared with a psycho 10m, also how will they go along with a p4 8 & 15 in my quiver.

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Re: Foil kite vs. inflatable kite

Postby MonkeyAir » Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:03 am

Hi Voodoo
The charger is significantly thinner in top skin to bottom skin height which really adds to it's speed through the air. The kite has two large inflation ports rather than three which keeps the kite much better pressure for a stiff feel in concert with the extra cells added to the design. The turning is way better than the synergy which was pretty good itself, especially for a soft kite. The bridle increses turning speed as well as adding to depower. The turning is the most noticeable.
Absolutely the best kite from PL for water use to date. It has a different flying style than the synergy and takes a little getting used to. We have never had a PL that you can huck around this hard. No collapsing tips and slow turning like the other flat kites mentioned in this thread however the bottom end of a C kite and flat kite can't be compared. Funny thing is that because you can huck the kite around it gets close. Bottom end is FAR better as you can throw the kite around so much more. Seriously thought I was getting my 15 m syn performance with the 12 but in the ultralight stuff it would be nice to have a 15 again and you realize the size really does help. These are C and not semi flat or sle. Have not tried the 15 charger yet but have fingers crossed.

Our insturctor Vic swears the ten meter charger replaced his need for a 12 synergy all summer. I like the super stiff feel of the very best sle/delta wave lei kites. For cruising and hucking it around, the charger is awesome. You can certainly wave ride better with this soft kite than any other we have watched extensively or tried. They can turn. It is in the super light stuff that any ram air or tube suffer in the turning aspect. The lack of mass and stiff frame does not allow that gravitationally jerking the kite forward the most skilled lei riders can milk out of their kites if they can avoid the relatively heavy lei from falling out of the sky as they often do in the situation. The arcs don't fall here, so session on arc and not on tube. Days like this lots of guys figure they don't need to go out... I would rather go out that sit on the beach moaning. Probably bank about forty days a year this way.

On the PL/FS comparison early on this thread. The PL kites are more stable and turn far better and the FS has a flat kite power advantage. They all work and it comes down to what you are looking for. No right or wrong. Always used and sold both along side the best performing lei kites.

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Re: Foil kite vs. inflatable kite

Postby herculon » Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:44 am

@monkeyair: thanks for the infos about the charger. do you know if they are already in production? would be nice to have one for snowkiting... winter is coming very soon!

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Re: Foil kite vs. inflatable kite

Postby voodoospirit » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:22 pm

thx :), i will keep my synergy 12 for another snowkiting season and get a 2nd hand charger for the summer, the synergy is good enough for the snow.

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Re: Foil kite vs. inflatable kite

Postby PBKiteboarding » Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:28 pm

Just out on the Speed 3 12m....Will put a quick vid together later to add to the SP 319m vids:

Didn't want to stop... Customer on his 19m Rode to into moonlight. in Stability, Great Wow factor! Relaunch, Higher end and Turning factor (Kite Loops to) , far more forgiving that the Speed 2... Went with Deluxe for faster redirecting and for bad lulls... push some locations and wind shadow... Sweet...

Inflatables are very different and some great comments...This post covers allot... I have many happy Customers on Flysurfers and Lei's... and it makes a difference to keep them informed and help them along at first when they are new to FS... and back them up... on knowledge and support.

I fly both LEI and Foils, the only way to know is to ride both in various conditions and you figure it all out... But not just an hour on a foil... Give the time to get used to it especially if you spent 100's of hours on an Lei. Then pick what you like best. If I passed on trying Flysurfer back then I wouldn't be as happy as I am now...

One of my last customer had it right... From the start he said... "I'm going to get the 15m Speed 3 as an experiment, I won't know until I try" That's what we really do when we get any new stuff...

I think when most of us started Kiteboarding it was sort of an experiment. I you like it you keep doing it... and we get hooked... If you like it you keep riding it...

Enjoy the tech we all get to play with Foils Lei's... Choose your weapon Life is short...

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