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Pismo Beach Kite Expo Pics, Reviews, & Videos

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Pismo Beach Kite Expo Pics, Reviews, & Videos

Postby grantman54 » Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:14 pm

Well our expo is HUGE this year! All the vendors have really put up. CCK threw an awesome BBQ. XtremeBigAir has done an awesome job throwing the event. We have not had wind for the expo but, that hasn't stopped the fun. Hopefully today it will pick up

Link to the event:

I did an interview for the local newspaper. ... 002e0.html

I flew an Epic Kite on the beach for that interview and here is my mini review from the other thread:
Epic is at our Local expo. I was interested to see what everyone is talking about. So I checked out the kites and most importantly talked to Dimitri. My top two things when I consider buying a product in the kiting industry is the quality and the company backing the products. Performance is a bonus. Kiting is such a new sport and it really needs strong quality company's. Even though Epic is just a baby in the industry, from what I can tell Epic is starting out strong. We haven't had enough wind to ride but I did spend some time examining the construction and flying the Renegade on the beach.

Construction. The easiest way for me to look at the company's quality, is to look at the small details. I actually went down the line of 20 kite vendors to show the difference in build quality of each company to my friend. It was clear that there are a few brand's that are doing some engineering and innovation. Epic is one of them. I like the small details put into Epic's one pump system, bridal connection points, bumpers, and finishing on the struts.

I can't say much on performance because the wind was maybe 10mph. Super light. I just flew it on the beach for 20 mins. The only honest thing I can say about the Renegade is that within 30 seconds I was comfortable with it. I do not have a lot of experience with many kites. It was predictable and stable. I had some fun with it in the light wind doing kite loops and such. It felt rightly responsive to the bar input from what I could tell. I am used to a HUGE depower throw (LF kites). The shorter depower throw on the renegade was really nice. I actually really really liked that aspect. Feel free to post up any questions for me. Hopefully more wind tomorrow so I can get them out on the water!
Kinsley from xtremebigair will now have some Epic kites to demo. I am pumped to really put them to the test at our local sessions in Pismo.

Here is a video/timelapse of the event. Double click on it to watch full screen.

(for some reason, vimeo narrowed the frame of view. I'll upload it to kiteforum later in normal framing)

Here are some pics I snapped from around the event

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Re: Pismo Beach Kite Expo Pics, Reviews, & Videos

Postby grantman54 » Mon Mar 22, 2010 2:43 am

Hey the article actually made it on the front and back page of the newspaper. Pretty sweet. The photos on the actual paper actually showed the expo/kites a bit too.
Heres: the article
Kiteboarding is a relatively new sport that is a combination of surfing and parasailing, allowing riders to fly up to 40 feet in the air and appear to skim the waves effortlessly. It is similar to wakeboarding but a kite is used instead of a boat.
Choppy waves and dense fog kept attendees out of the water for most of Saturday, but many got a feel for the promotional kites by anchoring them to their bodies with lines attached to a padded belt or harness, while standing on the wet sand.
Grant Cook, 20, of Arroyo Grande, has been kiteboarding for about a year and said he loves the versatility of the sport.
“Every day, every kite, every board is different,” he said, while being pulled to and fro based on the whim of the wind and his flighty kite. “It’s like surfing in four dimensions. It feels like a dream where you’re flying.”
Cook was using equipment from Epic Kites, a kiteboarding company based out of North Carolina. The owner, Dimitri Maramenides, said he comes to the exposition every year to promote his products because kiteboarders from all over the area come to the event.
Cook is majoring in aerospace engineering at Cal Poly and he’s a member of the Central Coast Kiteboarding Club, made up of mostly Cal Poly students.
The club members were in charge of setting up the event, blasting music and a hosting a barbecue for everyone involved.
The three-day, free event hosted by XtremeBigAir
.com — out of Shell Beach — and Kiteboarder Magazine — based out of Los Osos — continues from 9 a.m. to
5 p.m. today, when better kiteboarding weather is expected.
Organizers estimated more than 500 people had registered to be involved in the exhibition.
Cal Poly student Haley LaFleur, 20, has experience wakeboarding and snowboarding, but she decided this year to give kitesurfing a try.
“I’d definitely recommend it to other people. It’s fun, but challenging. It’s multidimensional,” she said Saturday. “It’s difficult to learn, but interesting because you need board skills plus kite skills.”
For those interested in water sports, but are wary about being yanked around by a giant kite, stand-up paddleboard demonstrations are available at the event.
They are shaped like surfboards, come in both long and short sizes, and riders can use a long-handled paddle to balance or increase speed out on the water.
“Life is better when you surf,” said Jason Miller, repeating the philosophy of his company, Global Surf Industries, which has several paddleboard models available at the expo.
“You feel free when you’re out on the water,” Cook said, trying to explain his fascination with water sports. “If I have a rough day at school, it takes away every type of fear or struggle. I just get to ride with the wind for a few hours.”
For more information about the annual Pismo Beach Kite and Stand-Up Paddleboarding XPO, visit
To learn more about the Central Coast Kiteboarding Club, visit

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Re: Pismo Beach Kite Expo Pics, Reviews, & Videos

Postby paullangphoto » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:42 am

Here are some more photos from each day of the event. The wind never really showed up, but everyone still had fun and was able to check out the latest gear. See you next year!

Friday: ... y-3192010/

Saturday: ... y-3202010/

Sunday: ... y-3212010/

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Re: Pismo Beach Kite Expo Pics, Reviews, & Videos

Postby JennaAndrea » Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:15 pm

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Re: Pismo Beach Kite Expo Pics, Reviews, & Videos

Postby experienced1 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:29 pm

well written...

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