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LiquidForce Havoc 2010 vs Slingshot RPM 2010

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LiquidForce Havoc 2010 vs Slingshot RPM 2010

Postby marianoargentina » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:19 pm

Please, anyone can tell me, if those kites are similar?

I am recently in freestyle and i want to buy one of them, thanks

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Re: LiquidForce HAVOC 2010 VS Slingshot RPM2010

Postby jrfiol » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:35 pm

what kite are you using now?

i have both kites, 2009 though. since the RPM didn't change much, and the Havoc is also the same kite with minor improvements... you may care what i have to say, if not... stop here.

the RPM has lighter bar pressure, the Havoc is gruntier.

the RPM generates power, i can ride it at lower wind speeds than the havoc 12M.

they both jump high up in the sky. the Havoc will be better for unhooked jumps cause you can tell where the kite is from the bar pressure, the RPM will move around and be less predictable.

the RPM is smooth and easy, the HAVOC is rough and pulls hard in high winds. they both have great depower (i guess all kites do nowadays)

I ride an RPM10M, its hard for me to switch over to the Havoc 12M cause its more work in lifhter winds and too powered when its blowing hard.

the best kiteboarder around my beach says his favorite kite is the Havoc 12M, after the Wainman 12M, he doesn't like the RPM so much. He is a wakestyle type.

hope this helps!

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