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Philippines Kiteboarding lessons?

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Re: Philippines Kiteboarding lessons?

Postby tringlarido » Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:23 am

So after reading these posts, I decided to go to Ocean Republic. This was a super choice thanks !

My top priority was to find the cheapest rental. So they do 290 euros for 1 week rental. From all what I searched, I can say that this price is very good. For this price you have brand new gear and very excellent service. The guys there do everything for you ! they setup the kite, launch if if u re beginner, and they pack the kite at the end, even the bar !

From what I heard, other schools at same spot seems to be more oriented on making profitable business.. One guy for example came from another concurrent school Isla, he said the instructor gave him only poor comments and literally just watched him, so he decided to try another school.

Best thing about Ocean republic is the quality of their teaching and the interactions with instructors.
Glen the manager here really takes care of everyone, gives you advises even if u don't take lessons, and is very available and very genuine with the business. The other instructors were good as well. If you rent, you will have advises everyday. I had also a safety rescue lesson in the water teached by english guy, who made it very clear ( some people say that other schools don't like to teach safety rescue because it is unsafe.. ). If u re beginner, renting and struggle to go upwind, instructors did not hesitate to help u take the kite and brings it upwind for u !

The equipment we used for lesson and rental was brand new, slingshot kites rally 2012, and nobile boards, so that part was perfect.

I can only compare with 2 other schools I went in fuerteventura. Red shark and flag beach. Instructors there lacked teaching and communication skills compared to this one. So I can honestly say that Ocean republic rocked with real emphasis on the quality of the teaching.

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Re: Philippines Kiteboarding lessons?

Postby andrewcbuensalida » Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:04 am

You can call 0920-946-3925 or visit or There are beaches an hour away from Manila, Philippines. Specifically Cavite, Tanza, Taal lake. Kite Earth offers shuttle service as well. The beaches are pretty choppy, which is good for wave style, and the water is brown due to the sand. In Taal lake and Caliraya lake there is boat assistance. Kite Earth instructors really communicate to the student, they don't just leave them out there and expect the student to learn on their own, like what happened to me in Boracay. Every step is repeated over and over to ensure muscle memory. They use an IKO approach plus other tips from youtube videos. Plus, it's super budget, being only P6,900/ 3 hours or 153 USD!

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Re: Philippines Kiteboarding lessons?

Postby maurice_k » Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:40 am


Seabreezekiteclub will open their doors on the end of November 2015 in Siargao, Philippines. It is the second Kiteclub that opens and we will continue giving the profesionalism with a smile.

We started in Indonesia where we have at the moment the season. May to end of September.

Then the end of November till the end of March, Seabreezekiteclub has the new destination. Siargao, Philippines, the undiscovered kitespot.
Beautiful, safe, clean lagoon where you will be having your lessons from a experienced I.K.O. qualified Instructor. You are be able to stand in this lagoon and therefor it is the best option to take your lessons.
Combine this with pristine beaches, wind and top accommodation. Then we have a recipe for a dream kite destination.

We are based with the kiteclub on the grounds of Kermit Surfcamp. The place to be for your accommodation and food in Siargao, Philippines.
Keep in mind that December is a very busy period for us, so book early.

Have a look on the website and don't hesitate if you have more questions.
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