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Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:14 pm
by GhostDog
rohin wrote:
connection points were opposite to all other kites (whats with that?), or maybe there should be pigtails that i didnt have.
hard to get much out of a review when using the wrong bar and with no idea of if the lines are setup properly

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:19 am
by rohin
Was simply stating how the kite is out of the bag. Generally most kites these days have the same connections and will run off any bar with equal line lengths. Pigtails/adjustments are on the kite.
In MY opinion all kites should be of the same standards and also with line colours.
Ocean rodeo does not have this.
This has not put me off the kite, just stating comments which is what a forum is for.

I have since had one other session on the kite and adored it. Very nice. VERY GRUNTY in terms of low end and now that i have the rear lines looser it flies unhooked down the line very well. I did still have to depower it more for it to fly unhooked down the line. Was very impressed.
14-16ish knots and i am comfortable holding ground on a surfboard (i weigh just over 80kg) so great. I love having a fast small kite up when others are all getting about on their 10-14m slow things.
Hoping for some good wind this afternoon to test either the top end of the 8 or maybe even pump up the 6.

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:10 am
by EvanOR

The bar we supply with our kites has kook proof connectors on the rear lines - these add close to 2" in length, which explains why you need to take in the front lines on the bar you are using, Stoked you like the kite - agree it's great to be able to use a small fast kite in the waves, even in the light stuff! If unhooked is your game, shoot me a PM and I'll fire you details on a bridle mod you can do in a less than minute that you are really going to like. :thumb:



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Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:16 am
We got samples here in Christchurch New Zealand of the new Razor in late August, I've only used the 8m while snowkiting & stoked on it...Local teenager & Canterbury Kiteboarding Champ Anthony Hopkins has been ripping on them & won't give me the 10m back!
He's finding them real sweet for stomping a bunch of new school tricks &, show me the waves!
I think it's Razor 8, 10 & 12m for Ant this summer 8)!/photo.php?fb ... 1786570978

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:48 am
by rodeoclown
I flew the 10m in light winds for the 1st time today and had enough to get on a plane and cruise down wind. Went into a wind shadow behind the point where I was riding and dropped the was like 6knots. To my amazement the thing rotated and launched!
Later some caps showed upa and I set the 14m Rise down and went back to the Razor.
These guys are not kidding, this 10m has almost as much low end as my 14m!
No wonder 12m is the biggest they plan on making, you gotta try this kite man!
The best part when its powered up?
Crazy powered loops that bring you down nice and hot when you really ream it.
I love this kite!

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:12 am
by rohin
had a bash on the 6m the other day. very nice indeed.
recon the range for me on a surfboard and me being around 81kg is 18ish (for downwinders but may struggle holding ground) up to prob 25 at the moment unhooked, then hooked waveriding i recon it will hold prob up to 35.
6-8 combo for WA seems the goods.
again super grunty when the wind lulls but turns very nice down the line. i find it doesn have that yank in the turns like older kites which is good to concentrate on smacking it.
unhooked i find it still needs depowering a bit, but handles well, nice constrant pull so doesnt yank out the joints. The current bar i am using has a short depower strap and long chicken loop, hoping the OR bar has opposite (which description is that) so i can depower the kite with the strap for unhooking. I find you dont need much throw on these kites.
Evan, will PM you as very interested.

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:37 am
by GhostDog
First session on the Razor 10 Meter. Wind was very light, I thought while I was riding it was probably 14-16 MPH but it ended up (checked after) being only 11-14 MPH while I was out. I was able to just about stay upwind, probably in solid 14 I would have been able to but wind dropped to 11 and I lost some ground, still impressive that I could kite at all in that wind.

I did notice a few things I really liked immediately. For those who are long term Rise riders, there were like 2 or 3 things about the Rise which stopped it from being the perfect kite.

1. Didn't loop great (although the 2010 looped pretty well)
2. Didn't relaunch well at all
3. Didn't power through turns very well.

Well the good news is that with the Razor OR seems to have kept everything we liked about the Rise and by moving it a bit more towards a C-kite shape and tweaking the bridle they have addressed the 3 things above. Even in the light wind I was able to notice that.

1. Loops really nicely, was doing small backroll kiteloops and it just felt like butter the way it got around quickly, smoothly, and with steady power.
2. Relaunch is GREAT, just bounces right back up off the water. That bridle tweak is brilliant!
3. Comes through turns with speed, no stall coming out of the turn. Steady, consistent power.

Now I'll be curious to use it on a better wind day and see if by addressing the above we (Rise riders) have given up anything on the other side (jump size or hang time mainly). I hear that the answer is no but I need to see for myself :)

Bar pressure is slightly more than Rise but very slight, not an issue at all, I like it better.

Overall I think it's an easy transition for Rise riders, it feels very similar except where I noted above.

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:11 pm
by Cvaradero
Ok, we must be talking about a different Rise here.

1. Didn't loop great (although the 2010 looped pretty well)
2. Didn't relaunch well at all
3. Didn't power through turns very well.

Really? Are you kidding me? Sorry Ghost but I can't agree with you on this, I have had in my quiver the 10m rise for a while, since 2009 the Rise it has been a kite that relaunch super easy, fast and with no trouble whatsoever, I don't know with year you had or what settings you were using on your Rise, but I can tell you different from my experience. Every year I try back to back different kites brands and the Rise is always one of top 3.

Am I the only one here who disagrees with Ghost? if thats the case, I am the one who ended with a unique special edition of Rise just for me, because I wouldn't change a thing on mine.

PS the Razor is a wicked beast! I do agree with you on this ;)


Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:23 pm
by wazzaah
The perfect kite that does it all doesnt (not yet) excist.

But loops are just fine

Relaunch is very easy, i always seems to crash the kite on its LE facing me, the worst way to crash it, and i never had trouble except in very light winds. The new tubes might also help to improve that.

Power in the turns is better on the 2010, wasnt great on the 2008, got better on the 2009.

The only downside for me is that it doesnt ride unhooked very easy, builts up a lot of pressure.
So it gonna be a though choice for 2011, ride more unhooked with the Razor or keep the enormous windrange of the Rise (15-30 knts for me)

Re: 2011 Ocean Rodeo line-up - new additions!

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:40 pm
by Starsky
Were deffo getting to the point of the one kite quiver*. Wont ever get to the point where one kite covers it all well, but with better and better low end fun per meter of fabric in the air I think this kite will come closer to the ideal than the Rise. A 10m rise cant give the low end most of us need. Sweet kite for sure, but most 75kg guys in real world conditions still need that 12 and are always thinking "I cant wait until its windy enough for the 8!"

I want it to be full on when its 15 knots not just getting me going. It only really has to be great up to say the mid twenties. Allready achieved by many on the market. If this kite can rock from 12 - 25 and have me on a 10m than I am way way way happier than being on a 12m rise that does the same range.
It's about getting to spend most of your time on the sweet size. I'll always have a specialist for high winds but would love to retire the L in the standard S, M, L quiver.

It's also gotta unhook like a kite should.