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Kahoona 13.5 vs Higher aspect SLE Kites

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Kahoona 13.5 vs Higher aspect SLE Kites

Postby ed257 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:16 am

I am looking for a lighter wind kite and am torn between the big boosting kites like Epic Screamer and the faster turning deltas like the Kahoona 13.5.

If you have ridden or own the kahoona 13.5 please comment on its performance: boosting, upwind, wind range, etc.



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Re: Kahoona 13.5 vs Higher aspect SLE Kites

Postby dansheridan » Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:53 pm

I have a 13.5 kahoona and a 2010 16m crossbow.
the crossbow is a better light wind kite
the kahoona boosts very well in higher winds, about the same as the crossbow.
the kahoona turns about 3 times faster. the crossbow is better upwind. the crossbow has a way better wind range.
the kahoona kites are OK IMO but i am not sold on the missing center strut kits as they flap more than center strut kites.
you are asking about light wind kites that boost, this is a hard question because you can't realy boost in light winds.
you may mean a light wind kite that boosts when the wind picks up.
depending on your weight and lightwind board choice you have choices.
if you are lighter than 200lbs and on a large twin tip you could go either kite.
if you a heavy guy like me at 225lbs i find the kahoona a little underpowered in light winds with my 6'5' surfboard.
i take my crossbow 16m or my speed 3 19m out.
when the wind picks up i grab the kahoona 13.5 v2
i haven't tried the epic kites but i would say the largest screamer would be a better all around choice over the kahoona.
i am impressed with the turning on the kahoona and not much other than that.


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