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Ram Air Inferiority - Updated + Hyperlinks

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Re: Ram Air Inferiority - Updated + Hyperlinks

Postby Kamikuza » Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:11 pm

Deleting or changing your own posts after the embarrassing fact - oh dear PMU bad form old chap :nono:

For posterity and those that missed it ...

I said ... "Come on Tommy, picking on people's spelling and grammar is the best defense he's got!:

PMU originally said (something to the effect of) ... "Defense should be spelled 'defence' - Oh the irony!"

And that's why The Captain said ... "It is defense in the USA.
In Canada, both are acceptable.
In the UK, defence is proper."

Note how PMU's post between mine and The Captain's no longer makes sense cos it got changed when PMU GOT OWNED and how he's trying make out like MY previous post is out of context.

Please don't make me go dig out the cached version of this page to prove the point, PMU - be a man and admit your mistake! You're wrong about the spelling and you're wrong about foils! :bye:

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Re: Ram Air Inferiority - Updated + Hyperlinks

Postby The Captain » Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:30 pm

Gotta go with Kamikuza on this one.

If someone is going to take really childish cheap shots at the grammar of a post they had better dot their "i's" and cross their "t's" or they are just asking for it.

Editing after the up, PMU.

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Re: Ram Air Inferiority - Updated + Hyperlinks

Postby TommyDelly » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:32 pm

Pump me up wrote:Ted Bautista, the U.S. rep for Flysurfer, uses EXACTLY the same retarded grammar, spelling, capitalisation, and syntax as "TommyDelly". In addition, Ted previously has used allusions to homosexuality as a form of ridicule, in particular the use of "boyfriend". Ted, previously, has been highly critical/abusive of Kiteforum users using pseudonyms. Maybe Tommy is actually Teddy??? :jump:

haha PMU, here i acctually thought that you have something more than just basic brain processes, but then you totally redeem yourself again and show us that you really are a vegetable :thumb:

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