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Strutlessssss (Strutless kite)

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Re: Strutlessssss

Postby funalex » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:57 am

no leading edge rod for the red and white kite, and yes, there is one into the green/black one.

two strut kite would have been my next tube kite gigi ;) !...I believe in a kite without strut un the center because when you unhook, the centre profil can 'break' easier after the pop, bringing more slack in the lines.

it also make a kite more powerfull and more responsive, better kiteloop. I don't mind high end, I just love unhook, so I never go out overpowered.

and no strut at all isn't perfect, so I doubt it could have a commercial way. main reason is the poor relaunch. but for all ground versatile kite for example, it's a good idea.

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