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Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:28 am
by A-L
Hi all, thought i would bring some big manufacturing faults with the 2011 Slingshot Rally out into the open and see whos having the same problems.

The 2011 bar and lines, many times i have experienced unwanted safety release activiation which i have seen on many of these kites now, Slingshot have put a smaller chicken loop on the 2011 which combined with longer metal chicken loop connection point causes the VERY DANGEROUS unwanted releases.

Also from the pressure when hooked in because the connection point metal ring is longer this is pulled and bends against the main safety release casting causing metal fatigue and breaks the chicken loop so you can no longer use your kite.
Picture of the parts that WILL break on your kite.
As for the kites, everyone i know who has a Slingshot Rally regardless of size now has holes in the rear wingtips where the attachment points rub against the leading edge, this causes the bladder to come through the hole and then explode as it too rubs the attachment point.

All those who have a Slingshot Rally kite regardless of size take a look at your rear wingtips and you will see where this is rubbing, if you have had your kite in use for more than a dozen times expect to see a hole already in.

Slingshots response is a non caring one, " Put some Dacron Tape over the hole " i was given, im sure many many people will have the same problem so would be interested to find out.
Hole caused by attachment points.jpg
Attachment point rubs through wingtip.
Hole in Leading Edge.jpg
Hole in Rear Wingtip and Bladder coming through.

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:53 am
by Toby
it shows quiet some wear on the leading won't get that from launching and landing with a helper on a sandy beach...

so, where do you ride, what does the beach look like?

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:01 am
by A-L
Your correct, you would think you wouldnt get that sort of wear on the kite, especially as its only been used for 6 weeks!!

Every single time the kite has been launched and landed with and to an assistant as the beach it has been used on does not have enough room to self launch and self land, 10-20m of sandy beach is all there is.

I have seen this on many Rally kites that have been used for more than a few weeks.

Back to the drawing board for this kite.

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 11:52 am
by Chillbay
Dat don’t look good! Are the attachment points the same as the RPM/Fuel, I’m sure they run across the strut, will have to have a look at mine to see if there is any wear in that area.

The Chicken loop, bring it back to the shop they will change, had a problem with mine, not the same as yours but they changed it no problem. Butterbox, ask the shop for your old loop back, you cant use it but you can use the sleeving. Cut a 2cm section, slid it onto the depower line, replace depower handle, stops the problem :thumb:

I know, Slingshot should have sorted that easy fix problem :idea:

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:03 pm
by A-L
Not too sure about the 2011 FUEL/RPM yet but i know people with them so time will tell.

As for the Rally i have seen the rubbing from the attachment points on many kites now (10+). All kites have always been launched and landed with an assistant so this wear is not from the kite rubbing on the beach, it is caused by the attachment point rubbing the leading edge, 100%.

Slingshot have said they will replace any broken parts (butter box, chicken loop) with new which is good, but will not replace the kite itself, we all know once you have holes in your kite it becomes worthless or at very best worth little when re-selling for next years gear.

If you dont have holes already im sure you will see signs of wear so be an idea to Dacron tape that area of the kite now to avoid the same trouble i have.

Shame about Slingshot as i purchase 6 kites a year, not the Rider Support they so claim to give!!

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:14 pm
by boardrider1979
I hope you're wrong! I just picked up three Rally's and I love the kites. Inspecting them after work!

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:15 pm
by seki-ter
Wear on the kite seems harsh, if that hapenned from normal use, than I agree it's something that needs to be looked at.
But I really don't understand your complains about bar?
Together with your username, which appears to be created purely for this purpose of dissing specific brand it really lowers the credibility of your post.

Btw, I just checked both of my 2010 comp stick bars, they seem to be fine, although they might not have that much use.

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:24 pm
by crash&burn
i experienced the quick release failure a couple times. The depower strap slid through the cleat and crashed into the butterbox, shifting its position and triggering the quick release.. The box cracked and thus made the inadvertent release happen more often. Slingshot sent us replacement butterboxes and our problem was solved. Gonna have to check out the kites.

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:38 pm
by brokenarrow
The 2011 bar for the Rally has a smaller c-loop but not for the other 2011 bars. I fly all 2011 Fuels and I beat the shit out of them and they still look excellent. Two of my friends fly the rallys and they are in excellent condition with no wear at all.

It kinda sounds like you don't know what you are doing. Your C-loop claims are wack.

Re: Slingshot Rally Kite Faults

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:00 pm
by A-L
Kind of correct thats why i wrote on here to raise the issue, after all thats what a forum is for, so not really "wack". Dissing a brand, not really, i love the kite and the way it flied.

I wanted to know who else was having problems, and it sounds like others are also, hopefully they have a chance to do something about it before they get holes in the wingtips from the attachment points rubbing.

The problems with the Comp Stick 2011 are with the release activating with no warning, which i have seen many people have problems with, and the chicken loop metal ring that attaches to the butter box cracking as it is longer than the 2010 loop, this enables it to bend from the pressure when hooked in and eventually cracks.

The Comp stick 2010 i had a problem with a cracked butter box which Slingshot said was caused by the trim not staying in the cleat and putting pressure against the butter box causing it to crack, they sent a new re-enforced butter box which solved the problem. I am now still using a 2010 Comp stick as i have no confidence in the 2011 one.

Chicken loop, yes correct only made smaller on the Rally this year as far as im aware, not sure why, anyone any ideas? And yes i have friends with both the 2011 Fuel + 2011 RPM, to date no problems with those, but i have seen 10+ Rallys with holes in the rear wingtips after a few weeks use, and this has been nearly every day, so something like 20+ times on the water.

If your only just getting the kites out of the bag and getting on the water my advice is to re-enforce the wingtip with Dacron tape as Slingshot will not replace the kite when a hole wears through it.
My kite has been used every single day for 3-4hrs for 6 weeks, is that really a lot of wear for a product that is supposed to be bullet proof??
Catch loop breaks at arrow.jpg