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Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:56 pm
by L0KI
Hey...if you are going to show your ego as readily and often as you do here, I'm gonna poke it!! :D
The interesting thing about many Epic video tests posted is, they don't feature a paid super talented pro kiter, they feature many regular folks who are very average.
I agree, there are many good lightwind kites now, ..lots of them 17/18/19 meters like your Cores.
The Infinity just happens to get it done with less meters of cloth than most.
The other kites in the 15-16M size usually have less power and turn slower than the Infinity.
I personally think that the Infinity has more power than it needs, and I would be dialing the power back in V3, not turning it up ..but I want a lightwind kite that will go right up to 20mph, and care less about single digit wind.
I think Dimitri very often provides video and audio proof that what he is trying to show about his gear is normal for normal people (and not just for super athletes) and aimed at showing off the gear and not the special talents of a sponsored rider.
It is not hard to hire a star talent and put out a video that will make people want to buy a piece of gear, most kite companies produce them all the time.
Lots of us have seen awesome footage of a hired star talent on gear that sometimes turns out to be less than good.
My point about your posts about "magic wind" is that you never believe the numbers presented BY ANYONE and believe you know better, without being there with the person who posted their findings, which I think is insulting to the poster this case, nikalaitzian.
You can't possibly be the only one who can read a wind meter or judge wind numbers, there are a lot of people who have spent many years on the water and in the wind.

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:32 pm
by Geronimo79
Really you still bother oldandbroken?

SupaEZ is one of the most selfobsessed arrogant people i ever seen on a forum. He claims he invented certain tricks in some surfsport i believe. He's claims to be one of the best lightwind kiters ever.. Ofcourse he already did this like 30 years ago well a thousand years but that might be a little unbelievable.. And to support his claims he now doesnt want to meet up anymore with Dimitri because hell.. they could find out its not really true he's saying and he's mediocre at best.

Friends of mine tested the infinity over a few months this summer and he actually is a tester for a magazine who has done lightwind tests with all brands. He said the Infinity definitly stood out because of its performance.

He has been riding the V2 with a normal twintip in 8/9 knots and with a raceboard in 6/7 knots.
He actually been riding the kite where all the other kites lay on the beach. (and LOADS of Core kites where he rides) The kite reacts and steers faster then the other brands he tested. Ofcourse there where some kites that rivalled the lowend but they where damn slow and impossible to relaunch. The infinity still relaunched well and turned much quicker. All and all this was the first lightwind kite he truly liked.

The footage of the V3 with the glassy water truly is spectacular i dont know what momi did to the kite to make it even better but it shows its really great lightwind kite.
If your in the market for a lightwindkite try it you might like it.

And thats all Dimitri is saying.
Warning do not buy any other kite until you experience an epic kite.

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:16 pm
by L0KI
Please don't get me wrong, ....I like SupaEZ. (you know that Supa)
There are lots of old guys out there who carry a bit of ego, and that is perfectly OK, keeps us fighting off death!!
But when you put it out there for somebody to touch, sometimes it gets a little check. :naughty:

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:00 am
by SupaEZ
Thanks for playing nice..... Young at heart at not sooooooo broken !!

I have no negative feelings about INF of any model year...i am happy for all Dimitri's followers

I am actually pleased that Dimi puts so much effort at pushing the envelope of LW kites design

However his single digit numbers "range' that he talks about are what gets to me the most

He could forget the "2" knots...and just use one flies very nice on beach in 4knots

I would not dispute that :thumb:

Also on the water forget the "4 knots as the low wind"....honestly....135x47..80kg...let's keep it real

I will accept a simple 8 knots (steady wind)...kite parked sining...glassy water...laminar wind

So you see i am after a "simple single wind speed number".... :thumb:

.....because where he rides in the Hatteras sound ......the wind is very steady over those waters

I believe Dimi should keep it simple and stop low balling the wind speed in his estimated ranges

For where i ride in the surf his kite would be too small for me

I prefer the maximum parked power in a tube kite possible...that still turns fast enough for me :wink:

That why i would never get his kite...unless..of course..he..made ...a...V3 with size 19 printed on it

Since this will never be...oh well :lol:

In the meantime i still believe my kite is a more powerful light wind machine than his :winner2:

Yet i say to all those who asks...8 knots is the starting wind speed in surf with waves..drift..etc

At 7 knots you will have to sine quite a lot.....and at 6 does not work and is not go

These winds speed are estimated power in the kite while on the water

We know that in a sound with laminar flow ...wind it can hover many feet above water at 8 knots...
...and leave the water totally glassy giving the illusion of 4 knots

No magic....just a fact

...........Best wishes to all :happybirthday: drinks are on me :beer: :beer: :beer: .... :surf: :sun: ....

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:14 am
by L0KI
I agree, I think everything you just said is accurate.
I do think you are going to be shocked when you feel the power of the Infinity though, but I would also guess that your 19M is damn powerful, probably more than the Infinity (it's a lot more cloth)...but you guys will get a chance to compare head to head soon.

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:10 am
by pmaggie
I'm not going to tell anything about the Infinity or the Zephyr nor about the Core 19 since I never rode any of these kites and I believe Dimitri hasn't got a modified windmeter that shows 4 when it's blowing 8. About the steady wind, I totally agree with SupaEZ: 7 steady knots and you're probably going with any of the 3 kites mentioned above. Maybe less with a surfboard. But when it comes to "real world", where subten condition does not mean a "fan-like" wind blowing perfectly steady but the classic up-and-down, 6 to 9 for example, with frequent gusts and lulls, things change.
Where I live we launch from a promenade on the lake, staying in the water sometimes chest-high, with frequent gusts and lulls. Near the beach, sometimes it's averaging 4 to 10, once you've launched you just have to be fast (and lucky!), sine a lot and hope you're minimum 600ft from the beach before the next lull comes. Once you're in the center of the lake, it's normally blowing 2-3 more knots and far steadier, so no problem. But you'll want to go home before the sun goes down, and here we are again: the last 600 ft to the beach are a nightmare. If the kite falls in a lull, you're swimming. You can try to relaunch but in front of you exactly downwind the lake ends (no beaches, just trees and private properties gardens), so you can try to relaunch max 2/3 times. After that, swim baby swim. Please notice that the water is not that hot, in march/april it's normally 6/8 (SIX/EIGHT) celsius...
So the point is not having a kite that keeps you going in 6 steady knots but having a kite that stays in the air when the wind suddenly drops from 9 to 6 or less in gusty conditions, that is completely different from staying in the air with 4 steady knots because as the wind drops an inflated kite normally falls. Foils are a little better but you all know what kiteboarding with an fs 21 means: slow, slow, slow.

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:33 am
by L0KI
Lots of us kite in lakes.

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 12:24 pm
by Dimitri M
Dear Mr SupaEZ,
I can't wait to see the expression on your face once you demo the v3 INFINITY prototype this winter because you like it or not you will demo the INFINITY v2 and the v3 prototype once I come to FL for the demos, even if I have to duck tape your hands on the EPIC bar.
Actually I have a better idea, so we don't waist any time because I just want to see that expression on your face and these comments of yours plus others as soon as possible. I will release that new video I made about testing the "INFINITY V2 production & V3 prototype" head to head so all your questions about the light wind and single digits numbers will be answered. That goes for any one else who doesn't beleive in single digests. Again this is not Hollywood and I don't have the proper equipment for special effects like most kite companies. All I am using is a GoPro video and IMovie for editing. It is all true and based on real events that occurred while testing the v2 against the prototype v3 INFINITY. In few words, I have nothing to hide just the truth.
Now the real question: "ARE YOU READY FOR THAT VIDEO" because it will blow your mind away once you see it?
:o :allbegood:

P.S. My wife is going to kill me once I release that video because the v3 is still a prototype and won't be release into the market for a while since Momi and I are still testing it to see if we can make it even better for different conditions. So please don't post this video on FACEBOOK because she never check the KITEFORUM but she checks FACEBOOK all the time.

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:09 pm
by SupaEZ
Dimitri...the location...your location...where you do all your movies and like Hollywood!!

People should read a disclaimer when buying Infinity....that they should expect different results......

.....unless they kite right there is that unique Hatteras sound of yours

We have a location like that where i live (in a much smaller scale) and i know the feeling of it

On SSW ...SW...and W winds we can get low speed laminar steady winds with glassy water

In the USA you have without a doubt the most prime water spot for such LW performances

Nowhere else in the USA is there a sound with such a long uninterrupted wind fetch on Westerlies

Not only that but.. the long steady wind flow only encounters a narrow barrier island and exits to sea

Nothing can be proven better at doing videos like those we see....nothing probably worldwide

I never said that you lied about anything....actually you are telling it like it is perceived by all senses

It really feels in those type LW like 3 knots on ground...and 5 knots on water during waterstart

You are in fact very fortunate to test and reside in this most unique geographical location for LW

Your kite i can see by the video has excellent pull for it's size...but mine pulls more because it's 19M

Yes heavier rider was having fun on 147x41...sure "looked" like it was very lightwind from video

I knew in fact "before i heard your voice" how much wind there was "in the kites" out there

And you were correct......10 to 13....could be knots or mph...nevertheless.....not single digit wind

About the V3 short clip and photos....very nice

Smooth glassy water just before sunset with westerlies....always the very best time..and you know it

It is like when a magician knows how this other magician does it..and the public goes ooooh aaaah

Pooooof...the rabbit is out of the hat

Listen i actually have nothing but respect for is very positive that you bring joy to LW kiters

I am not sure about your idea of ducktaping my hands to your Epic bar...bit forceful don't you think?

By the way how's your right foot tendon ? 100% healed i hope....coming up on 10 months soon...

..........and on Jan 10th :happybirthday: to your Achilles..... :surf: :sun: ........................................

Re: Renegade "Infinity V2" light wind machine.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:47 am
by windsuks
I along with maybe a dozen or so just witnessed a pretty impressive demo of the Infinity in Hatteras today.

I was with Dimitri for a demo however there was next to no wind, and I mean NO wind. The kiters standing around laughed when Dimitri said he would put the proto Infinity V3 up...we all agreed it was maybe 3mph tops ( a guy had a wind meter on the roof of his car on top of a pole which was showing 2,7mph max)
No one even expected the kite to go up in the sky but it did and just sat there with very little input..happy!

Anyway Dimitri then took a SUP and rode off on it with the kite just parked at the edge of the window, I'm not saying it was easy and very few people could possibly have done this however all who were there agreed it was incredibly impressive to see the kite so stable in such little wind. I know people will rip what I have written apart, but thats how it was FACT

We were all gobsmacked!

......yes he was on a SUP, yes it was flat water etc butit was still increddible how well tghat kite flew.
There is video of this which I'm sure will be up soon as!

Keep up the incredible work Dimitri