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Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby HenrikBaerentzen » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:41 pm

Here is my Royal story from Denmark...

and they still owe me money too.. :(

In 2011 Mikael promised:

1. Royal gear for the Boat show I CPH march 2011, Nothing came as
2. 70 board for the first event I DK, nothing came as promised!
3. Long bars, nothing came at all!
4. Boards finely came, but looked like shit! Fin box, not good. More than
1,2 kg Too heavy!
5. No fins as promised!
6. No foot straps as promised!
7. Fins was on its way, but disappeared, nothing came at all!
8. 2. Board promised for world Championship Sylt, Came :-) but looked like
shit again, and fin boxes are not good :-(
9. Kites drops out of the sky, struts are not straight. Bad stitching..
10. I gets 2. Production of 2011 kites, but same shit. Struts even blows
first time we pump it...
11. First time I ask! Can I get my money back? No No No No, you will get
complete set of Race gear 2012 for free (4 kites, 1 board, 4 bars, 3 carbon


12. On a meeting Mik promised again.. Everything will be here latest
29-02-2012 or else I'm free to race what I want..
13. I want to pay extra for air shipment the 24-1-2012 but together with Jan
(surf og ski Greve) we decides to sent by ship.
14. 22-2-2012 I get a mail from Jan (surf og ski Greve) that nothing is
sent from Chain..

Its where my patience stops, You will not get any of your old gear or proto
gear back before I get my money back.
Any who knows me say that I am very patient but not more, that stop here.

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby Geronimo79 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:35 pm

damnn.. that does show a lot of patients.. hope you'll find something else fast.

Too bad from Royal always sounded like a promising brand. Well hard to stay up in these times.

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby sprockett » Sun Jun 10, 2012 12:32 am

Hi guys
Thanks for your support.
I am preparing to take legal action against Royal Kites, Does anyone have the address of their office, or direct telephone number...


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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby BraCuru » Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:40 am

HenrikBaerentzen wrote:Any who knows me say that I am very patient but not more, that stop here.
Henrik - I am sorry to read this sad story. You should give up with them already in Pranburi 2011 where we met. Whoever makes 12kg custom board for own team rider must treat him rather not seriously. Poor Rajko...
It is a shame that Royal went in this wrong direction.
I hope they will wake up and deliver good products soon.

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby gmb13 » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:46 pm

It's a strange thing that's happening with Royal.

It seems that no-one is really happy with Royals service.

Simone is actually a really nice guysand it seems funny to me that it all seems to be going so badly wrong.

Speaking for myself: I have a Stealth Pro and so far I have had no Problems with it. It's number 7. I have had it since March and have been training on it a lot and so far it has not changed in weight. It was 6.1 kg (naked) when I got it and it's still 6.1kg now. It has been ridden hard and I have been traveling with it twice. Each time they managed to ding the board, but it never lost integrity of the outer shell and stayed waterproof.

Ok. I do really take care of my board, but so far so good. It seems that sometimes the chinese can produce something good, just not most of the time.

Saying that, I still have to admit that I know of a lot of others that have problems with their boards and I also got a bit of a rough deal with Royal Sales guy.

I hope that Simone can sort it out and maybe save the brand.


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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby sprockett » Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:49 am

Has anyone got their new kites?
Royal have promised me my kites this month (july) We are half way through and still no confirmation.

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby Dimitri M » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:20 pm

Hello Mr.sprockett,
I am so sorry to hear about your problems with ROYAL. I know how frustrated this can be. The same thing happened with another kite company I was affiliated with and the owner of that particular brand did the same thing. Giving excuses to me and to the customers telling us that the kites were shipped or the kites were stuck in customs, or that they got in the wrong address or the factory did not do the papers correctly so the customs send them back to the factory where they originated from, and so on....(just bunch of lies after lies. He was good at it)
So I feel your pain and frustration. I am sure you have done everything possible to get your kites or your money back. How did you pay for these kites? If you paid via Credit Card you can dispute this with your Credit Card company and hopefully get your money back.
Any way my advise will be to keep on calling or emailing them because this is not right for any one to do that. Another thing will be to take action and get a lawyer but then you are talking more expenses on your end. But don't give up because from my understanding, they are still selling kites world wide, so they must be open for business.
Also you never know maybe because of all the trouble you might get (1) extra kite for FREE. This is what I would do if I owned the company.

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby papabear » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:56 pm


I'm also an importer for Royal kites and I have exactly the same problems... in their latest replay Mikael Johannesen (who own majority of the company) is saying that kites will be shipped out at the end of July.

I gather all informations about the Royal and I've allready prepared documentation to take all necessery legal proceedings to get my money back!!

I'm willing to wait just two more weeks!

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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby ToastSYN » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:21 pm

Mikael and Royal split ties (late spring early summer 2012). Now they're playing the blame game back and forth and giving the usually Royal Run-around. I used to be loyal to Simone but after the latest dealings with them (Mikael or Simone), I would advise everyone who reads this to avoid them. You can take a chance with Royal but you might as well light your money on fire.

Tell Mikael to send me my money back that he stole. Ordered 3 kites last September and only got 1 in June. Do not fall for the 2 week story. They always say that. Get your money back and find another supplier.

If anyone on here wants to organize together to go after these guys let me know. I'll happily help in whatever way I can.


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Re: Royal kites.. Wheres my kites

Postby Baer18 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:57 pm

In reading all of this, and in my limited knowledge of an average supply chain it seems as if they are having some serious cash flow problems.

I would think they are overextended and therefore have capital tied up elsewhere - marketing/promos/capital expenditures/real estate/etc. and therefore can not pay the vendors who produce the kites/fabric/accessories and thus are trying to delay their clients until they are able to pay.

Again, I have no direct knowledge of the situation, it just sounds like a company on the verge of bankruptcy....

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