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Kite Designer Ralf Groesel about the new Vegas 2014

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Kite Designer Ralf Groesel about the new Vegas 2014

Postby Toby » Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:16 pm

North News:

Kite Designer Ralf Groesel about the new Vegas 2014

The Vegas 2014 is equipped with a completely reworked trailing edge. Also the Dacron section as well as the TE Force Control has been reworked for 2014.

The Vegas 2013 is an extremely balanced kite, which inspired Freestylers as well as Wakestylers and Freeriders. In the course of the development of the Dice, we realised that the gradient of the TE tension is extremely important for the performance of the kite. Hence we have changed the base of the Vegas 2013 until we found the perfect blend of durability and flying characteristics.

We have reduced the width of the Dacron strip by about 50% compared to the previous year and at the same time increased the canopy double draw (TE Force Control) at about 120%. Each trailing edge needs to have a certain tension to avoid fluttering and to discharge the right performance. The Vegas has an open cone (trailing edge radius), which is important to perform unhooked manoeuvres at zero pressure. Beyond that it is very important to design the trailing edge in a way that the kite performs well in different kinds of conditions.

Out of my experience, the smaller Vegas 5 to 9 work extremely well with the 19 or 22m lines. When using a medium size kite like a 10 or 11 I would choose 22 or even 24m lines, depending on the riders weight. For the bigger sizes 12 plus I would go for a bar with 24m lines.
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Re: Kite Designer Ralf Groesel about the new Vegas 2014

Postby thvale » Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:27 pm

Hello, i'm intend to buy the new vegas and having some doubts about correct size for my weight.. in my homespot the wind speed is 16-25 knots, my current weight is 80 kg and my board is a cesar pro 2007 132cm. Is it better buy a vegas 12m or 10m? The 12m is more atractive for me, but i want to do some unhooked tricks and kiteloops, not so frequent.. The vegas 12m still good for unhook in 20knots??

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