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Making kiteboard footstraps to fit small feet

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Making kiteboard footstraps to fit small feet

Postby chipmunk » Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:58 pm

Making kiteboard footstraps to fit small feet

My wife has UK size 4 feet and has always had a problem getting foot straps to adjust down so she asked me if I can do something about it here is my solution to the problem

Get some pipe lagging foam from the DIY store or hi density foam from inside an old windsurfing board bag
So what do you do with it simples remove your foot strap cover and see if it has a neoprene under cover if so can you put your fingers in between making a pocket

Ok so you can do that? Next you need to make a template to make a foam insert
Cut your pipe foam bigger than you need
Place the foam on a flat surface and slowly open it up ,it does not matter if its not completely flat and it may split but as long as its in one piece it will be ok, using your foot strap cover make an out line with a pen

Cut it out with a utility knife always cut away from your fingers so you do not cut them

You should now have an insert, push the insert into the pocket on your footstrap cover
Reassemble your footstrap and adjust to fit sorry only works with this type of strap.

If you have even smaller feet then make more inserts probably a solution for Children's feet
There is a small video of how to make them with hi density foam see link
Hope this helps

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