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2013 Slingshot Misfit - Colors Bleeding

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2013 Slingshot Misfit - Colors Bleeding

Postby sinferno » Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:05 pm

Bought a 2013 Slingshot Misfit, got it late last week. When I unpacked it everything looked great. 5 days later and still unused, I noticed some color bleeding mostly at the top and bottom edges, but a slight amount on the left and right edges too. Also, an unusual off-white spot on one end (not tape or glue as i can't scratch it off).

Pics of my board here: ... directlink

Anyone else have the same thing happen to their 2013 Misfit? I'm slightly concerned that this is a sign that something went awry when the board was made (in the US) and it could be susceptible to more problems later on. If the color bleeding continues I'll have some problems with getting good value out of it if I want to sell it cause it won't look very pretty. :wink:

Opinions? Thoughts?

Here is the Slingy site URL for the board: ... gory=41347

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Re: 2013 Slingshot Misfit - Colors Bleeding

Postby james » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:09 am

the bleed as you call it is from the tint used in the urethane rails which are formed under pressure so as teh pressure has applied a tiny bit of colour will have leeched into the wood, 100% nothing that is going to continue with time, you wont end up with a green board!

the white bit on the tip is where there is a very thin remnant of the channel that was made to hold the urethane during the fusion to the the core hasn't been sanded away, again not a problem at all chances are you could rub it down with fine grade sand paper and then polish it up and it would be as green as the rest, you simply wouldn't know it was there.

If you have any concerns doing it yourself then i am sure the store you got it from could do it for you.

either way it wont be a problem come resale, get out there and enjoy

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Re: 2013 Slingshot Misfit - Colors Bleeding

Postby DirkGently » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:22 am

Was pretty really the word you wanted to use?

At any rate, I'd agree with james' assessment.

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