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Flysurfer Flydoor 159 x 42

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Flysurfer Flydoor 159 x 42

Postby av_dumitrascu » Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:27 pm

Hello, to everybody!
Decided to come out in the open and drop my lurker cape ;)
Gearing up for our light-wind shores (Black Sea, Romania), I got myself a brand new Spleene X-19 that pulls me quite nicely (for the first times in my short kiting history, I felt over-powered) and started to hunt an used lightwind board. Naturally, we call them around here simply... "doors". Tried a few of them up until now:
- RRD BS46, some 148x46, didn`t liked it :( ;
- Trans lightwind board some 161x44, both sets of fins on the heel-side;
- Nobile Flying Carpet, 160x46, regular set-up for the fins;
- a couple of Flysurfer Flydoors, both over 160cm, one with the fins regular (in each corner of the board) and one with all the fins on the heel-side;
- a lightwind board from CrazyFly;
- some other brands, not really relevant in 7-8 knots :(
As a greenhorn (absolute beginner), I felt in love with the boards having all the fins on the heel-side. Seems to me I can go upwind and control the board tricks on this side of the planet, either!

Bottom line, a couple of days ago, I found at a bagain prince a Flysurfer Flydoor board, 159x42 cm, with the fins set-up like I wanted, and in general good shape (except the foot-pads and straps)....
It seems this is an older model....would really want to know more about this board (especially from those who used this model on water), before getting it!
And most important is to know if the food-pads are removable or not (it looked like those are glued to the board, so any expert opinion is welcome). I really want to change the food-pads & straps, will also have to decide what to use ;)

Anyway, thanks for your input!
Flydoor 159 x 42.jpg

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