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KTE La Baule, France 2012 - Day 3

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:26 pm
by Toby
KTE News:

No-Wind-Action-Day in France - Day 3

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The MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe in France carried on today with no wind and a sense of brief relaxation matched with anticipation and funny games on the beach. Racing participants prepared their gear for some promising action on the water, while freestyle riders could be seen scattered throughout the event site, catching up with friends and enjoying the sunny day.

An announcement was made throughout the day as riders and crew eagerly awaited the wind to pick up in strength however ceased to do so. Unfortunately wind didn’t picked up, so riders stayed on land and discussed the rules of the racing discipline and how it should best be utilized to help progress the sport until the release at 5pm.

Lining the outer edges of the Derby Kite village, kite schools and partner MINI displayed their gear and play host to lounging and relaxation, while clothing companies, and DJ’s maked up a portion of the area as well. With a golf competition, skate ramps, numerous tents and a SUP-race organized by the Derby Kite, the spectators and riders had a good choice entertaining themselves throughout the day.

Tomorrow, riders will arrive to the beach at 10am for the first skipper’s meeting. Wind is expected to range from 5-9 knots. Racing may prove to be the focus for the day with the prize-giving ceremony at 3pm. The forecast for La Baule has made planning difficult in such light conditions.

For the last day tomorrow, join the MINI KTE 2012 on day four via Facebook for the latest updates, photos, and insights.

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Re: KTE La Baule, France 2012 - Day 3

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:15 pm
by Toby