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Naish Park vs SS Rally

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Re: Naish Park vs SS Rally

Postby lander » Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:33 am

Don't put too much In this. It is ment as a guide not as the "only truth". The grafik also has to fit with The other sizes In The range and is also very Independent from rider to rider. The 2 kites in The same size will get you going In ap. the same wind

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Re: Naish Park vs SS Rally

Postby tautologies » Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:08 am

herbert wrote:Since the Naish Ride was mentioned in this thread....I have the following question: On the Naish website the Park 12 is listed under specs as having a wind range of 11 to 23 knots. The Naish Ride 12 is listed as having a range of 14 to 27 knots. Why is this? I thought a same size Ride was lighter, would fly in a lower wind and have greater low end pull when sheeted in? At least that is what other discussions imply. I understand the Park can sine better....but still, overall, would not a same size Ride pull more at 12 knots than a Park? Can someone explain to me why the website has these wind ranges. (I know claimed ranges are always questionable, but this is all within the same company. Thanks.
I would agree with your question. I actually do not know why they have put it up like that. Though the 12 park go super early I doubt it is that much more powerful than the ride. At least 10 ride has great low end. :-)

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