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cold water gloves and boots - any advice?

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Re: cold water gloves and boots - any advice?

Postby nicor » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:58 pm

Peter_Frank wrote:
scklandl wrote:bigger is not better. use the search function, its been debated every winter season since 2002 here
You and John B is correct.

Bigger (thicker) is not better, it is a matter of technique regarding gloves at least, and one of the biggest mistakes is to wear super thick gloves :o

Atan Boots will give you the best barefoot feel even in the winther !
Have been using these since the mid 80's in windsurfing, and EVER since.
Have even tried other boots now and then, when the old ones wore out and I was desperate - but they were all crap, seriously :x

But as Scklandl wrote, try to use the search function regarding this topic :thumb:

:D Peter
I've done quite a bit a reseach and as usual to all kite topics there is no concensus! fack

But what I know is a full mitt doesn't work for me, I like to have one finger free to deal with the lines. Also my dakine cold mitts are not warm enough my cold days either (3 C -10 C)

I'm read that a 5MM lobster mitt would be warm enough, but the thickness and grippiness is then a problem. Also this mitt should be curved as much as possible to help. NPX, NP and xcel seem to have ok options.

I've also read many encouraging reviews on Glacier gloves "perfect curve". 2 mm but totally waterproof with fleece lining, and good dexterity. This might be the best option in the end.

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Re: cold water gloves and boots - any advice?

Postby knot_moving » Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:54 am ... allery]/1/

had a version of these from a couple years ago until I lost them - they were the bomb!!
Fingers fold back so you can fiddle with your lines. Windstopper really works so no wind evaporation. fleece gets wet but kept my hands warm down well below 50 deg F. 40 deg F is my lower limit so can't say how good they are down there.

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