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Rebel 2012 5m Wow!

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Rebel 2012 5m Wow!

Postby sarc » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:46 pm

I read Piccio's reviews of the 5m rebel and I was looking for a high wind kite 35-40kn that I can take out on a surfboard for underpowered wave riding. I'm 90Kg.

I got a 2012 closeout and took it for a spin and am hugely impressed. Over 20kn I can jump semidecent height and get some hangtime. My 75Kg friend is normally powered on an 8m GK kite and I'm doing OK on a TT on a 5m - just sine a bit during the lulls. It's like cheating!

25 to 30Knots kite is perfect. Havent had chance to try it over 30kn but I expect it will only get better.

Great waverider, drifts beautifully and powers/depowers like only Rebels do.

It's not twitchy or nervous at all, I like it on 60cm bar with pigtails on forward knot (more depower, less turning).

Magical kite, at 2012 closeout prices it's a must buy! That's my 2c.

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