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Kite gear Cape Town

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Kite gear Cape Town

Postby jobson » Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:05 pm

Hi, i'm going in a few weeks for 2 months to Cape town and I was wondering if it's a good plan to buy my gear over there. I would like to buy the new Ozone kites and over there they are 300 Euro's cheaper :D The downside is that if i have some problems in the future with those kites it's hard to go back to the shop ;) On the other side I have heard that the South-african airliners are not verry strickt with bringing extra luggage.

Does anyone have some experience with this?

Pippi langsamer
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Re: Kite gear Cape Town

Postby Pippi langsamer » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:59 pm

Im not sure I'd agree with the bit about airlines not being so strict! Any chance to fleece you they will do.....

But yes, kite gear will usually be cheaper over there with a fairly weak Rand (depending on where you're coming from).

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