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buying new gear in Cape Town?

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buying new gear in Cape Town?

Postby jobson » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:40 am

I am going to Cape Town this december, and i was wondering if it is a good idea to by new gear over there... The downside is I think when there's something rong with the kites it's not that easy to go back to the shop. But I quikly calculated the diverence between Europe and South-Africa;


Euro 1.215 Ozone 6m complete
Euro 1.315 Ozone 8m complete
Euro 1.380 Ozone 10m complete
Euro 3.910

Cape Town

ZAF 10.890 Ozone 6m complete
ZAF 11.690 Ozone 8m complete
ZAF 12.390 Ozone 10m complete
----------------- +
ZAF 35.060 - 14% TAX = ZAF 30.151

ZAF 30.151 = Euro 2.653

So the diverence is Euro 1.257!! :D That's much more than I paid for my return ticket. So the way i see it is as a free holiday!! Does anyone knows why the diverence is so big?? And does someone allready have some experience with it?

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Re: buying new gear in Cape Town?

Postby mopman365 » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:01 pm

Go for it. Our currency has taken a big drop recently, and those ZAR prices are probably for 2012 gear bought in earlier this year. You can even get sub-R10k kites if you shop around.

Come have a cheap holiday with strong wind and claim the Tax back when you leave. :thumb:

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Re: buying new gear in Cape Town?

Postby briansuntrax » Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:31 pm

IF these are 2012 kites then you are still paying way too much, that looks more like 2013 pricing.
For example in Cape Town we are moving out 2012 Naish Park 8.0 @ SARands 7,500.00 for kite complete with bar lines etc and that includes VAT at 14% which you can get refunded on leaving SA.
We have an advantage here in that we have no import duties on kites, only refundable (for tourists) VAT.
However if you are interested in discussing further please pm me as this is not a place for me to punt for business :-)

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