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An amazing gathering of 200 new girls

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:29 pm
by Toby
KB4girls News:

An amazing gathering of 200 new girls

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Huge success at the “Women’s weekend at the beach” in which we had surfing lessons, sup lessons, and trainers for the girls.

About 50 girls camped on the beach for the whole weekend and all in all about 200 girls showed up for this event.

We had great fun, met new girls, hoping to have seeds the love for kite surfing in them.

And on top of all celebrated Shalhevets birthday.

Re: An amazing gathering of 200 new girls

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:43 am
by Schmidy
This is awesome!! I love how the sport is growing with females. 2 seasons ago I saw a scatter of women with their boyfriends/husbands riding in Cape Town. Last season I was amazed to see just a crew of women hanging out on the beach together - riding together - with no boyfriends or husbands in sight. It was great to see that they were riding out of pure joy and appeal rather than their spouse dragging them along to enjoy it as I've seen while I was an instructor 4 years ago. (not to generalize or anything)

KB4girls, Kitechix and other female specific clinics/groups are doing a great job!

I was listening to a Snowboard Retail Conference and the overall thing that stood out was:
- Female snowboarders make little snowboarders! :D They are more willing to take their kids out to learn the sport because they want to continue doing the sport they love as well. -