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Core sensor bar sucks i.m.o

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Re: Core sensor bar sucks i.m.o

Postby WildDuke » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:28 am

I think its a very clever bar! I would have bought one if it was coloured red on the left!

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Re: Core sensor bar sucks i.m.o

Postby windrupted » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:45 am

sucker4wind wrote:....I had two ESP bars which I have worn out. They had some design problems such as the lines through the bar were the same direction of the bar making it very difficult to hold the bar in the middle with one hand. The sensor bar which I am sure it is very safe, has the lines going perpendicular and it is much easier to hold with one hand. -
These are good points. I have never had a bar that really allowed my hand to be right where I wanted it. The best I have seen is the latest 2013 Rally bar. Only saw it once briefly, I think it has one thin rope going through a very tight fitting hole, and a little lip that your fingers snuggle up to. So sweet. You don't get rope burn or drag. It's really ergonomic. The Original Poster is correct about the way that the ropes going through the bar is easy to get wrong, but I think thats an area that will soon be improved. Funny how such a simple flaw can make one handed tricks go all wrong. If you kite surfboards strapless, you need a hand free to do grabs. You also need to be able to do all the kite control one handed. Sucker4wind you have made the industry aware now, and soon we will all be ripping harder. Great post, though a bit hard worded. I have been making my own Frankenstein Bar Rigs out of all my old bars, and I will soon try to get this dialed in better. I like a super short bar, but sometimes I need a really tight turn. I envision some pretty wild design changes are on the way. At least i hope so! Long way to go in this area. And harnesses....don't even start me on that issue, my back is killing me! Thing weighs a ton. We gotta get this stuff right.

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Re: Core sensor bar sucks i.m.o

Postby pmaggie » Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:49 am

I own both the ESP and the Sensor but I did not felt this last one too small. I now own 3 Riots, 7/11/15 but I also owned the 17, no problem at all. The kite was turning quickly, the overall system is neat and simple, QR works perfectly, depowering can't be easier.
I think with the Sensor Core simply fixed the small problem of the ESP but that's all. I can't however swear it's the best bar in the market since I did not use much of them. I'm just saying it's IMO perfect for the Riot, no need to change it for a bigger one.
About the line positioning of the ESP, I think you're right but the problem has been fixed with the new Sensor.

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Re: Core sensor bar sucks i.m.o

Postby SupaEZ » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:55 pm

sucker4wind wrote:Wow, what a nerve I hit with SupaEZ. If you would have read my subject it said i.m.o. which means "in my opinion". Talking about a whiner- if someone doesn't agree with yours you get all blown out of shape. I guess for someone who has been kiting for so long, it seems odd to me that you would get a big thrill out of mowing the lawn on a 17m for some 70 sessions. What kind of idiot to you think I am when I said that I have flown CORE for over 4 years (I didn't say I have only kited 4 years) and you don't think I know about the wing settings??? I can loop the 17M-slowly with that bar COMPARED to the longer bar. Do you think the shorter bar is as fast as a longer one? Perhaps you still need a bit more water time. Maybe your wife can teach you a few things. Maybe my riding is a bit more aggressive than yours- don't know. I have been the biggest proponent for CORE kites long before anyone had even seen them in Florida.
Thank you for letting me know that my opinion of the sensor bar is wrong. Good luck on your backroll move you have been working on for 14 years.
I've never mowed the lawn in 8 the 19 and not the 17..i loop the 19 Supafast on that bar

I only ride in surf with that kite on strapped surfboard...5'7" Whip Quad..165lbs..6ft tall :)

If the bar was 55 or would make it wayyyyyyy too fast IMO :wink:

What do you expect when to trash...on a topic... in your opinion.... a perfectly sized bar ?

Watertime is 80% in LW (sub 12 knots) ...thousand and thousand of hours....woooooooooowwww

I have ridden all the biggest kites out there..SP3 21 on 60cm...Dyno 18 on 55 cm

And that kite ...the 19...i by far the fastest there is on a tiny tiny bar :rollgrin:

Have fun spreading your opinion......or keep it to yourself...that would be better and more positive

And keep practicing winding your lines on the bar ..maybe someday they won't fall off :thumb:

And yes my wife is a very talented kitesurfer....very pretty also :hotchic:

................................. :surf: :sun: :bye: ............................................................................

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