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2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor

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Re: 2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor

Postby Windrider » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:43 am

Kite2Heaven wrote:...snap a twig on the beach :o my favourite measuring stick ;) to match sides :)
Funny, I do that too! Twigs on the beach are enormously useful! I used to use heavier branches as my windsurfing downhaul grips. Wrap the downhaul around a good healthy beach stick and get a lot of pull on that puppy! Ended up saving one because it was so good, I still carry it around in my kite bag as a momento. All is good.

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El Rudo
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Re: 2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor

Postby El Rudo » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:11 am

I have noticed before that experienced riders who are used to ride with the bar against the CL may have difficulty tuning in to the Ocean Rodeo vented kites.
Due to the venturi's the Razor can fly sheeted in further than most kites once a decent flow across the canopy is established. When this flow stops, the effect is gone and the kite back stalls.
So you're best set up with a bit more stroke on the power end to play with. If you want to set up the kite for unhooking just depower a bit, but you'll miss out on a part that steroid feeling the Razor is known for.
Once you've got this down you'll have no problem flying the Razor and Flyte kites.
The Prodigy is not vented and appears to be making a fast growing lot of riders very happy, very easy to fly.

Hope this helps, cheers,
El Rudo
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Re: 2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor

Postby McKite » Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:33 pm

You could maybe argue that the Razor prior to 2013 would back stall unhooked if not trimmed correctly but the 2013 simply will not in my experience. Even unhooked in underpowered conditions when the mere act of popping seems the slow the kite down so much it should back stall it has not.

Unhooked is probably the biggest change I have seen with the 2013 Razor over the prior years.... have yet to have to trim this kite for unhooking (except for being overpowered of course). Power is very predictable once you unhook as well (what you are feeling hooked in is what you will get unhooked) Otherwise the 2013 remains fast, grunty, and well powered from anywhere in the wind window. Loops, relaunch and jumps remain exceptional as well. Still super stoked on the Razors.

My opinion of course...others are entitled to theirs.

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Re: 2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor

Postby adamj2281 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:26 am

Yeah, I'll agree with El Rudo and McKite. I have a OR Cypher 12m that I use mostly for trying to learn new things unhooked. It doesn't have the Venturi, and there's no need to trim at all when unhooking, and I prefer it to the Razor for unhooking.

The 2013 Razor is a lot more stable when unhooking, and the previous models just needed a bit of trim. It's really based on what you are looking for, the Razor is more suited to faster turning, loops, and catapult, turn your stomach type jumps. That's the main reason I like it, I can get much more float with other kites like the Fuse, Rise, etc. but the Razor rips you off the water like no other kite I've flown.

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