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Sellers that do not post prices, Why? (call for prices)

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Re: Sellers that do not post prices, Why? (call for prices)

Postby Vikb » Sat Nov 03, 2012 3:38 pm

jakemoore wrote: Some marketing theory suggests trying to prevent a product from becoming a commodity which is traded only on price.
Kiting gear is totally a commodity. If you get a new kite and bar in the wrapper from a kite shop A or some online warehouse operation it really doesn't matter. Gear is of sufficient quality and ease of use you don't need much support for the item if you are an experienced kiter and the brands I have dealt with offer great support direct to customer.

New kiters benefit from help getting the right gear and learning how to use it. Which is why the kite school that sells gear can operate with higher margins for that initial sale. But, by the time the new kiter needs a set of replacement kites they'll be buying based on price and scouring the net for deals.

If a site or ad doesn't show the price I would just move on. There is no shortage of great deals on kites and boards.

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