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i have the soul - and its great!!

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i have the soul - and its great!!

Postby danielkeder » Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:07 pm

i have soul and have used it in pretty warm (17C) conditions down to about 8C so far. Cant wait to try colder :)

I also got the OR undies under the soul. Work great. (long-john..?)

Soul is a great suit, really comfortable, very easy to put on (usually Im faster than my friends with wet-suits). The latex seals were REALLY hard to put on (ankles) the first one or two times, but after few times they stretched (?) and now easy to put on, yet do not leak at all.

Kiting in Soul feels great, body-dragging feels totally natural, Im very happy with it.

one thing i'd like to clarify though. If you think you will be TOASTY warm and absolutely dry..that is not correct, in my own experience. I think i sweat more than normal, but nothing extreme+I wear the sports thermal shirts etc... In all my sessions (especially when it was warmer outsides around 15-17C) after 2hrs riding I felt quite chilly due to the sweat which once you stand still on the shore in the wind you start to get cold. Im not saying the suit is not breatheable (it obviously is), just that you will sweat and naturally then get cold standing still on the shore.

solution is you unzip..and change into something dry under your SOUL or get back and kite :)

i find it the same to when you ski/snowboard and when you stop you naturally either go inside or get back riding. You wont be comfortable standing still for long.

I have to compliment OR team. On one of my trips I lost the hood. I wrote to OR team and they sent me a replacement VERY FAST and it was even free! Wow what customer service. Really impressed!

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