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What hardware is compatible with Brunotti boards?

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What hardware is compatible with Brunotti boards?

Postby alexeyga » Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:49 pm

I love the Brunotti board: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2376214 I've got for this season, but the Chinese hardware it comes with is nothing but a pile of garbage that is falling apart. After about 40-50 sessions it looks worse than my previous 2006 Misfit after 5 seasons, and at 50 times more the maintenance required!!! :angryfire:

-Fins are made with laminated monkey's shit (toilet paper at best). Smallest contact with sand or rocks and it vanishes away. Bloody tired repairing it!!! :angryfire:

-Pads and straps - although these are the most comfortable in my experience, are easily doubling the board's weight and the fake leather is starting to look like a very old prostitute (used, abused, thorn and not refurbish-able).

So as such, i'll be looking to replace the whole hardware in very near future. Any suggestions? Basically I'm wondering how standard is the hardware that Brunotti uses and how easy it is to replace with aftermarket?

Yes - I know, it's easier to replace the whole board, but in all honesty, the board it-self is just too sweet. Nothing I've tried since getting it made it click for me.

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