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Who else is pssed at buying wonky kites?

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Re: Who else is pssed at buying wonky kites?

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:00 pm

Jono 111 wrote:Not sure you're up to date the range of sails now....its stupendous compared to what it was.

And speak for yourself.....I grew up sailing in a place where it gusts over 30 kts 270 days per year. The 3.5 was in constant use. The 6.5 North Race sale on a custom 9'6" expoxy race board was not, trust me, slow.

But yes, even back then there were old tools turning up with vans full of sails, boards, booms etc. They were almost always the biggest kooks at the beach. And then the sport died....
Agree - it is AMAZING how much range the newer sails has.

Most windsurfers on medium/bigger boards only got 1 sail 80% of the time, and then one for the "gnarly" days - where I use more kites than they do, in the same windrange, as I want mine to be in the sweet spot, whereas new windsurf sails got a HUUUUGE sweetspot so to speak :roll:

Definitely not because of windrange I switched, thats for sure...

Switched because of more LIGHT WIND fun in the waves (and when no waves), and because of a lot more spots becoming usable for waveriding now, especially small waves and not fully sideshore (impossible in windsurfing) - so you suddenly could ride waves everywhere, and almost every day !

If it was sideshore and 4,7m2 waveconditions EVERY day, I would windsurf instead - it is better and more fun/rewarding IMO :rollgrin:

:D Peter

PS: Sorry - a bit off topic...

Jono 111
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Re: Who else is pssed at buying wonky kites?

Postby Jono 111 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:12 pm

Thank you Peter - phew.

Now back on topic then.....I've only owned 12 kites in total, never any issues, but to be honest, I'm not convinced that for the first 3, or maybe 6, I would have known in any case :oops:

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Re: Who else is pssed at buying wonky kites?

Postby sq225917 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 10:57 am

The windtools Booster, a good high jumping kite for its time. I remember borrowing one at Camber Sands back in 03 on a gnarly day, 40+

The trouble with them was that the battons snapped, they were just very lightly reinforced plastic skins over foam (foamex)

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