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New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:54 pm
by Freerid3r
Hi folks,

i just got my account for this forum and i really hope you guys can help my out with my questions.
(sorry for my bad english at this point *g*)
I just sold my 2 Kites and now i´m planing my new range.
I´ve allready bought an Rebel 2010 in 7m². Now i´m not sure which other kites i should take to make the range complete.

My kiteskillz are moving from beginner to average. I dont have to struggle to go upwind and i already made some kitejumps. So i want to go into kitejumps a bit further, because now i can land 3-4 jumps out of 10. I don´t want to do unhooked stuff at this point.

After reading a lot of stuff, and watching different test-mags i am confused. The Kites that i´m prefering are the North Evo and the North Rebel. Kitesize should be 9 and 12. So that i have 7-9-12.

Pro´s about the Evo 2011-2012 are
easy and comfortable handling, for all kiter levels (beginner, intermediate, pro), very good lowend, round turningbehavier, 4 and 5 line possible, possible to fly in the inland (gusty wind)

Contra Evo 2011-2012 are

too much power and less depower (a lot of adjusterwork required, the 9er Evo would be like a 10 Rebel, and it pulls like a traktor which means not so good highend), a lot of ?transverse tension? (in german we say "querzug") which means bad upwind performance cause the kite pulls strong downwind.
Is the 2012 Evo better in upwind performance than the 2011?

Pro Rebel
very good upwind performance (best on the market), enormous lift, very good depower on a short bar-way (barmoving), no transverse tension (or lot less than the evo), low-wind good, less adjusterworks required and good high end (in strong winds).

5 Lines (which tangle up), 9er could be a bit to quick for me?, not that easy to jump with in comparison with the evo.

What exactly am i looking for?
Kites that are easy to handle. I dont want to become the freestylegod, i´m happy with freeriding and jumping around a bit. The kite should go very well upwind and should be comfortable to ride in gusty conditions. I dont want to have much trouble slowing down/breaking the kite down when the wind gets stronger (big depower).

So i guess i´m looking for a Rebevo ^^ :thumb:

Hope some guys can help me out with my problem.
(I dont have the possibility to testride, so i need your support)

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:21 pm
by zik46
Evo :is between Vegas and Rebel, ok low end, ok unhook ability , ok wave riding , ok lift , ok fast turning speed , no good upwind ability , very stable , ok hang time

Rebel : sounds that the kite are you looking for ,with great low end , great lift ability , very stable in gusts too , awesome upwind , better hang time than evo , these characteristics are the key to going in the next level of freeriding.

Personally i suggest you the size 10m if you already have a 7m Rebel.

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:43 pm
by knotwindy
agree, either a 10 Rebel or Fuse if you do not want to mess with the 5th as the Fuse is very similar to the Rebel but can be flown 4 or 5 line

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:58 pm
by Freerid3r
i already thought about the fuse. but the fuse is said to be a bit more aggressive/high-performance than the rebel. the depower is said to be (flown with 4 lines) less than the rebel, and flown with 5 lines same as the rebel, but with a longer barway/barmovement. so i wouldn´t win anything i guess.

gusts would be given to the driver much harder on the fuse than on the rebel. so i guess the fuse is not the right kite for me in this stage of learning.

the sizes of the kite should match good. i love the 12er kites, cause they are not to fast and i can learn much faster on them.

and 7-10-12 would not make sense, i guess?
i would have to take 7-10-13 oder 7-10-14. But there aren´t very much used 13er or 14er rebels and i cant buy new kites.

Thanks a lot for your opinions and help !!!!
Other or further opinions are very welcome !

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:59 pm
by Faber
I used to have a mixed rebel and evo quiver, because I didn't like the 5 th line.
Then I've sold the evo because it pulled me too much and got a fuse 2012. I'm 100% happy with the fuse.
Said that, I suggest you to have one blend quiver.
Try to fly the evo before buying it. It feels so much different respect the rebel. Not worst or better, just different compared to rebels.

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:30 pm
by hmattar
I'm in the same situation here.

Currently riding a 2012 rebel 13m but trying to get away from the 5th line after 3 tangles.(Wich I know its my fault).

Trying to find a Evo to demo. My idea of riding is the same as Freerider. Freeriding, landing 5 jumps out of 10, trying to boost big, no freestyle or wakestyle

Tried a 2011 fuse this weekend. Enjoyed the kite. Its almost like the rebel, a little more grunty, less stable in the air. as fast but when u turn it, it takes a little to start going.
Kinda strange kite, when its in the air you feel like its not gonna have enought power to drag you, but when you start moving the kite, generates lots of power. Amazing for jumping also.

Freerider, I did not feel the Fuse beeing more agressive than the rebel, the rebel is more stable. that's it.

One question, how's the Evo low end when compared to the rebel? And how is it for jumping and hangtime?
I may have to decide between Evo and Fuse. or just learn to jump and stop tangling my damm lines. hehehe

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:26 am
by knotwindy
the Fuse is not more aggressive than the Rebel. at your stage of flying there will very little difference between the two. the Evo will feel different for sure.
the Evo has maybe a very slightly better bottom end but much less top end, so less range. Jumping, the Fuse has much better hang time and softer landings and is easy to get it right.

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:17 pm
by Freerid3r
OK, i´ll try to read more about the Fuse.
And start trying to get the 9er Rebel, and perhaps a 12er Fuse oder Rebel.

I hope i´ll find some with fair prices *g* and it wont be a mess like the kahoonas before ...

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:38 pm
by WndRdr
I was lucky to get to try 2013 Rebel 12 and Evo 10.

From the windrange they seen to be quite close Evo 10 14-28 knots and Rebel 12 12-27 knots. Evo 12 is about the same than same size Rebel as there is only 1 knots difference in higher end. What I found out that the windranges are quite accurate.

So how those two differ.

Low end. Evo seems to have a bit more solid pull right away when it is in the air and it is easy to use on its low end. On Rebel the basic pull feels a bit lighter but when you get some speed it will have very good low end. They differ due to a bit different profiles.

High end. Rebel has just a bit better high end especially for lighter rider. They bot feel very stable on the higher range.

They both are very stable no matter how gusty it gets. Relaunch is easy for both but maybe Evo is just a bit easier.

Jumping. Evo is very easy to jump. Just sent it and go. On Rebel you need to work just a bit with the timing and then it goes huge. Evo has more lift or should I say it takes you high quicker and it really can be felt when you go big. Rebel felt so soft that I was jumping much higher than I felt it would be. Even Evo is easier to jump it may take you easier more downwind and under the kite than Rebel. However Evo drifts well and it will not fall from the sky.

Hang time. Rebel has advantage on hangtime. It takes you up softly and the way down is really soft and it keeps you in the air a long time. It seems like there is no acceleration to either direction. Also with Rebel you do not need to fly it back forward so quickly as it does not loose the lift as quickly. When landing it needs a bit more skill to time the kite flying forward again to keep you in speed after the jump. Evo has more lift up but also you can feel it more when it starts to come down. With Evo you need to fly the kite quicker forward to keep the lift. However when the Evo flies forward it will almost stop the decent and landing is very soft for the last feet or two.

Unhooked. Evo has the advantage here.

Upwind. Rebel has the advantage and it goes insanely upwind even in the lower end when the board is barely planing. Evo 2013 has better upwind than the older Evos had.

Bar pressure. In both kites there is two settings for it. The order is Rebel light< Rebel heavy = (almost) Evo light < Evo hard. Rebel's pull feels more on harness and Evo's more on bar. It is the matter of opinion which one do you like. If you like very light then Rebel if you want to have more pressure then Evo.

I would still like to try those on the waves to see how they differ there. I liked both kites. Maybe I will have Evo on smaller sizes (Evo is trimmed to have more high end in very small sizes ant it has a 4) and Rebel on biggest.

Re: New Kite Range - Help needed - North Rebel or Evo

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:13 pm
by Freerid3r
Hey Wndrdr

Thanks for your post. It´s interessting cause its the first time i heard the evo would have more lift than the Rebel.

Without knowing it, i would say evo liftet harder because you had the evo 10 and it should be a bit more explosiv than the 12er Rebel. Could also be the reason why you landet softer on the rebel, but its said to have enormous hangtime anyway.

I think i go for the better upwind and highend - and take the 12er Rebel. For the 9er at the moment i´am also for the rebel but i´ll overthink that again.