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Naish Fly vs. Epic Infinity V2 (3, 4,?)

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Re: Naish Fly vs. Epic Infinity V2 (3, 4,?)

Postby tautologies » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:00 am

KYLakeKiter wrote:Since I asked the original question, I have to agree with what Oldnbroken said. When asking about specific brands of kites, I would expect people to pimp their brand. I wanted to hear from the people who like their kites and the people who make them.

Dimitri is sending me a V2 to demo later in December (based on when I can take it to some warm water to try out) I have to say that "pimpin' kites like that is alright by me. It is one thing to talk on the forum and hear opinions, but you can't beat getting your hands on the kite and trying it out for yourself (even better trying it out on your own schedule).

I fully admit that this will probably make my opinion completely biased, but Naish is welcomed to send me a kite as well if you want to even things up :lol:

Just kidding Taut. I have no opinion yet on Naish, so don't go all frusterated Jackie Chan on me. :naughty:
Lol ok then. Will nog go old on ya ;)

I think there are many different business models and strategies. I'm sure some naish shop would let you demo a kite...would probably be good to get a comparison.
I must say if I had a company I would certainly consider the epic model since getting someone to actually touch the product usually leads to sales. You definitely take ownership once you sit In the pilot seat. Pretty good model. :)

..and people hesitate since sending the kite back will cost :)

Now when that is said

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Re: Naish Fly vs. Epic Infinity V2 (3, 4,?)

Postby Kamikuza » Tue Nov 27, 2012 1:18 pm

tautologies wrote:..and people hesitate since sending the kite back will cost :)
Specially when FedEx is insisted upon :(

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