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RRD Asso Pigliatutto 5'8" - anyone?

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RRD Asso Pigliatutto 5'8" - anyone?

Postby zeppelin » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:28 pm

Has anyone tried RRD Asso Pigliatutto 5'8" from their's 2012 colection?
I`m loking for one board that I could use for kiting and surfing.

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Re: RRD Asso Pigliatutto 5'8" - anyone?

Postby nixon_bulgaria » Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:34 pm

Hi zepelin,

still interested in RRD Asso Pigliatutto 5'8" 2012?
Earlier this year I got one - it was a good offer and I decided to buy it exactly because of the 'hybrid' feature, as I'm planning to go also into waveriding.

In 'kite' mode:
- very early planner... could spare you bringing a >12m kite for 10-13 knots. I'm ~80kg, my largest kite is Drifter 11m (not as powerfull as other 11m bow or hybrid kites).
- super easy for begginers in strapless riding! (first gybe by the end of my first session).
- quite maneuverable for board with such a width (I got it with quad-fin set only), but it can easily be converted in thruster mode by buyig an extra fin.
- exceptional upwind abilitiy
- feels a bit too 'stable' compared to slimmer waveboards, but this means you can do everything at lower speed... i.e. quite forgiving

In 'waveriding' mode: I could only get on it just few times, but I'm really fresh in this. I assume that for riders of <70kg weight it will be just fine! And of course some lessons with a classic waveboard will make it much easier.

I find it a bit heavy, but with such dimensions (19 3/4”x 2 1/2”) + plenty of strap screw inserts + 5 fin boxes + G10 fins + one large pad... maybe it is actually too lightweight :)

Built quality:
After I dropped a screwdriver on the nose (before even riding it) a small crack appeared and I immediately brought it to a friend of mine who produces the windsurfboards of a famous Fuerte brand to fix it. He explained that the crack is actually visible because RRD decided to use transparent PE lacquer on top of the glassfiber. Which on the other hand is good, as it makes even the smallest damages visible (unlike with non-transparent or painted boards). But now the nose is much tougher than originally, reinforced with glassfiber and carbonfiber! :)

I tried it with straps just last week in Barbados, because the waves were not enough big and with the chop in such conditions you can hardly gain good speed to go upwind strapless.

To be honest... this is not my board, but this is very personal opinion as the few people who tried it found it great. I'll probably put it for sale, so let me know if you are interested. But I would sujjest that you try it before buying it.

good luck!

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