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How far would you go to kite?

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Re: How far would you go to kite?

Postby polarstorm » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:55 pm

plummet wrote:
Peter_Frank wrote:
bigwave wrote:I get spoiled living 5 min to my local spot. There are better conditions around but its a minimum of an hour to more than 2.5. OBX is 15hrs, anything else is a plane ride. I'm always impressed with kiter's who travel 3 plus hours,kite for a couple,then drive 3hrs more home. Its always tough when your driving by the local spot blowing 20 plus knowing your driving another hour plus.Never leave wind to find wind
SO true, and "famous" words IMO.

Never leave the wind...
Never wait for more wind...

These evergreen "guidelines" apply more often than not - and some has learned this the hard way, if you get my drift :o

8) PF

Ahhh... yes. But. never search and you will never find.
So true, if I went by the 'never leave wind.. ' mantra I'd never have some pretty awesome kite Sessions! There's always shhhh wind around the city coupled with crummy spots, I drive to where it's +5 +10kn and amazing wave spots. The spot matters, hence why I'll drive by spots with 'borderline' wind with people riding there. My criteria for driving, is water time > driving time + I only drive for 9m weather or better. For far away spots I often leave home at 5am.

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