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SupaEZ's ABC's of self launch Core Riot XR2 LW 19m

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Re: SupaEZ's ABC's of self launch Core Riot XR2 LW 19m

Postby SupaEZ » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:06 pm

jens wrote:This technique looks good for light wind and big kites when it would be hard to get the larger kite to lift of its leading edge on the beach. But I see no reason to do it when there is appropriate wind with smaller kites. Its easier and faster to just lay the kite down leading edge into the wind, weigh down a wingtip with sand on the canopy, walk to the opposite side of the window, pull the outside line rotating the kite into the wind and relaunch like in the water. works every time and in high wind. But like all things in kiting if you have a system in place that works for you consistently then that is the right way.

Thanks for what you said Jens...but easier and faster ?....i just can't see it...especially the "faster"part

You would have to have your lines already on on all your smaller kites.. even have a chance to be as fast

Is that what you do?
To me "faster" means the total elapsed time from when the kite is still folded on beach.... the moment it takes off from the beach and flies up...using a hand pump only

I am only taking about tubes kites of any sizes.....because i am able to get all size foils up very fast

Keep in mind the way you do it...after pumping you have to flip your kite LE down and position it
That is an extra step

With the 19 i was not rushing and elapsed time was 4 min 11sec (rushing i do in in 4 min flat)

With a 12m....about 3 min 45 sec
With a 8m.....about 3 min 30 sec
With a 6m...about 3 min 20 sec

As you can SEE i like to measure produce a video that you can do faster

Remember i do not have to flip my kite LE down...and i walk away from kite ONCE and launch

................................... :surf: :thanx: :sun: ....I feel the need for speed :lol: (Top Gun)...................


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