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Tona Pulse or Slingshot Celeritas... What size?

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Tona Pulse or Slingshot Celeritas... What size?

Postby qbanboy14 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:45 pm

I'm a 5'8 175lbs wakestyle kiteboarder. Been riding for 4 years and now deciding to get a kite surfboard.

I live in florida, where the waves are not so great.

Choices came down to Tona Pulse or Slingshot Celeritas

ADVICE What size should i get?


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Re: Tona Pulse or Slingshot Celeritas... What size?

Postby Starsky » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:10 pm

Depends, what sounds more attractive to you: surf with a kite, or kite in waves?

The Tona is a dedicated strapless board. Low rocker, decent width, and a squash tail to carry more of that width through the tail and give a straighter outline. A true small/med wave surfboard. The two sizes are the same board scaled. I'd suggest the 5'10. I tend to prefer more board, and less kite.

The Celeritas has low rocker like a small wave board but they give it the width, outline and tail of a bigger wave board to better suit the power that comes with riding straps. Not a true small wave surfboard like the Tona. More of a directional kite board. Also the 5'11 is huge, with 6 more liters and a LOT more width than the 5'8. Too wide and floaty to really suit straps yet a weird design for strapless. If you want to ride strapped, I'd say the 5'8. If you want to go strapless go for the Tona.

Just my opinion.

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Re: Tona Pulse or Slingshot Celeritas... What size?

Postby dylan* » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:59 am

Hey man I live in Florida too I just got the Pulse in 5'8 and it's a sick board! I've had a couple surf sessions and a couple kite sessions and so far it's been great for both, really fast and lively board and fun in smaller waves, perfect for the mushy fast beachbreaks in FL. I'm about 150 lbs so I'd suggest the 5'10 unless you like riding really powered with a small board. The 5'8 feels perfect to me for surf and kiting.

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