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Torch kite is only for freestyle ?

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Re: Torch kite is only for freestyle ?

Postby Peter_Frank » Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:28 pm

Because, eventhough it has more depower than earlier C like kites, it is nowhere near the typical wave SLE's.

And small kites that is flown aggressively in the waves, need depower - and still being able to turn while quite depowered :thumb:

Which is what the Torch lacks of course (together with similar types).

One can get used to riding "different" in order to compensate for this lack of depower when turning, but it will IMO always be a substitution because it wont work otherwise, and definitely not desired.

F.ex can you ride with the kite up higher, you can turn it slower thus less violent pull (pull is often the LAST thing you want in waves with small kites), or you can choose to ride a bit towards the kite in gusts or down huge wavefaces.
But still, it is a solution you HAVE to choose, and not always a wanted one.

I can not see that it matters what one or some of the best riders chooses - as for one it seems like a minority of these that chooses like that, and secondly, they most often have VERY different riding style and level, compared to the common wavekitesurfer.

Most "intermediate" kitesurfers, ride relatively powered in the waves (well, at least not too underpowered), in order to go upwind and "conquer" the waves, and there is usually always a bit of downwind current too.
Also, if you ride with huge speed down bigger wavefaces, typically more than good maybe - and you dont want to go downwind because the wave is not right, you need the ability to depower the kite so you can hold "any" line you want - FREEDOM is the word.
And the kite quite low in order to have all options for redirecting and changing pace at any instant.

So kites with loads of depower, and still fast turning (WHEN depowered) and good drift works the best IMO, and also chosen by most riders it seems.

And this kite is a typical modern SLE kite :naughty:

When using big kites in smaller waves maybe, 9-10m2, the windspeed is so low, that many seek other features than mentioned - and here you might want the opposite, namely a kite that CAN turn fast while giving lots of power, and the feedback is more important in light wind too.

It is not the Torch that is bad of course, it is all C like kites that does not fit the bill very well (actually quite lousy I would say) for most or all wavekitesurfers (around here at least), when windy/small sizes, IMO :-?

It is not because I dont like the kite, as I think it is one of the best, so not a matter of liking or not - simply because the ability to turn the kite low without power is essential for most wavekitesurfers IMO, when using small kites 8)

Just my experiences and what I see around in the waves.

:D Peter

PS: There will always be lots of exceptions to the general choices, but that is another issue....

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Re: Torch kite is only for freestyle ?

Postby tautologies » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:21 pm

Hey PF, thanks for the reply. I do not disagree that other kites have more depower, but I think that was exactly my point thought that some kites fit the bill better for some people.

I guess this is a new discussion, but if there are kite qualities that are generally better for wave riding what would they be? And does that always hold?

The times I use the torch in waves, I am at a spot which has steadier wind, and don't really feel it lacks anything, the biggest requirement there is that it drifts and the torch does that really well.

Sorry OP this is a little outside the topic. I'm just interested in discussing :-)

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