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Naish Global or Slingy Celeritas?

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Re: Naish Global or Slingy Celeritas?

Postby PAFF » Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:47 am

ELI wrote:Can we add the Cabrinha skillit to this ?,I am looking at the 3 ,only have used the skillit any comparision.I am using straps and starting strapless
Compare that one to the Skater..

Both great, Naish is just better made in 2013, and dont get heel dents.

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Re: Naish Global or Slingy Celeritas?

Postby kitepilot » Sun Dec 23, 2012 1:04 am

Hey Guys,
I ended up getting the Global. I thought the construction was better. Heavier but I'm not concerned with a little more weight(I ride powered up and like to launch big airs too), I wanted a board with durability. Also the fit and finish was top shelf, head and shoulders above anything else that I looked at and I looked at many brands. Like Taut and Paff said the intricate lay up of composite materials, epoxy, pvc, bamboo and carbon fiber is what I was looking for. It's probably the most sexy board I have ever owned too. I really like the looks of the bamboo with carbon fiber rails with stylish graphics on the board with matching deck-pads and fins. The deck pad, straps and fins all match the board in quality plus the board bag is a nice finishing touch.
I only got to ride the board in windy chop the first day. Yesterday I got head high waves in 25kts and just had so much fun. I really like the speed of quads, so the fin five option was a big plus. The board had very solid bottom turns and nice quick gouges off the lip. I felt the board was fast and didn't have any of the twitchiness that I've felt in some boards.
So, the pros were the shape, construction, fit and finish, 5 fin option, nice straps, deck-pad, and fins(fiberglass/honeycomb) and board bag and lastly the looks.
The only cons for me would be the price, and for someone else maybe the weight.
Thanks for the input,
Aloha KP

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