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NPX customer service, where are you?

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Re: NPX customer service, where are you?

Postby toyletbowl » Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:39 am

@fragger...the NPX blending into the NP brand is still new, so both web sites are valid. How long? Not sure, but NP, Cabrinha, etc, still wants to support the NPX brand of product, so they will run both web sites until ?????

@Stafford...the guy is in Sweden. In his first post. BTW, not liking this warm weather right now. Snow would sure be better.


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Re: NPX customer service, where are you?

Postby C Johnson » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:24 pm

rayban wrote:
Went back to the shop but the shop had caught fire and existed no more.
Damn I hate it when that happens.

Congrats on buying the coolest looking leakiest drysuit ever.

Leaking is a common problem on those suits.

Contact these guys:
They should be able to help you. Awhile back I needed a replacement part for a Cabrinha switchblade. Cabrinha support had me contact neilprydemaui. They got me all squared away quickly.

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Re: NPX customer service, where are you?

Postby tonyh » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:56 pm

Have you tried this site?
This is what came up on google for Pryde Sweden, if you click on the contact tab it takes you to Pryde UK.

I had a similar situation a couple of years ago (the shop didn't burn tho') I bought an Elite II wetsuit with a weak spot in neoprene, calf area, so not critical, as the shop was closed I got in touch with Pryde UK. they were out of my size, and as the "new improved" model was about to be launched it would be a couple of months before they would be able to replace.
They gave me a couple of options, 1. Send back the suit to be repaired (as many times as needed) 2. hang onto the suit and repair myself (it had already had a repair by the shop prior to me contacting Pryde direct)
After a few months, (as there was a bit of a delay), I recieved my repalcement suit in the post as promised, it was blowing 25kts, so off to the beach for a session, in my exitement I didn't notice they'd sent me a series 5000 suit in error until I was getting out of it !
Called the guy I was dealing with and explained what happened, "no problem was the reply, the fault is ours, I'll arrange an Elite to go out today" and it duly did, "you can keep it as it's been worn(the series 5000) or sell it to a mate and have a few beers on us"
Now that's what I call customer service !Best wetsuit I've had, you have to look after it though as it's a full slick so can get nicked easily, but it's toasty as... and with the roll neck it hardly lets in any water even in a wipeout.

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