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My new Switckites Method V2 have arrived, see pics

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My new Switckites Method V2 have arrived, see pics

Postby naishdude » Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:58 pm

Switch kites have done a great job so far, when I saw my new kites unpacked.

My new kites arrived today, and they really look awesome, compared to my V1nes they have added some additional protection, tweaked some bridleposition points and have given a wingtip with 3 connections to trim the kite to your taste.

The graphics show a good taste for design ( for me that is)
The bag has improved ( wider stronger) zippers, nice decor, an wellthought extra zipper with pocket to put the bar inside, a well build backpack!
These kites rock, quality, finish, price...try to find it somewhere else at this price and quality !
nice job done Switch !

<dude :cool2:

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